Blogging Chicks Carnival

Calling all Blogging Chicks–and NON-Blogging Chicks! The Blogging Chicks Carnival will be hosted right here on Sunday. This week’s theme is anything Christmas and everyone is invited to participate, whether you are a Blogging Chick or not.

Please email me the link to your post with a brief intriguing description of your topic by Saturday afternoon. For example, you can write something like: “Mary from Owlhaven shares some dynamite tips for Quick Gift Wrapping.”

My email is owlhaven at aol dot com Hope to hear from lots of you!! Remember: first submitted, first listed!

Oh, and if you’re reading this Tuesday morning, will you please send prayers and good thoughts my way? I am going to the dentist, and I am THE biggest knee-knocking coward in the solar system…

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  1. Aw, my college age son just went to the dentist Monday afternoon. He says the new hygienist is really good! He made his next check-up with her, too. There are 3 in the office.

    No need to be a coward, really. I think of the alternative–which is a mouth full of painful cavities or dentures. My mother had all her teeth pulled at age 32 and says she felt so much better than she ever had before.
    That is not the road I want to be going, so I am quite grateful for skilled professionals and a working husband with fine insurance.

    I’ll hold good thoughts for you, although I don’t see what you are worried about.