Book Review: The Complete Book of Baby Names

Awhile back my oldest daughter informed me that we needed a new baby name book, because ours is grieviously outdated. I admitted this fact was true, since the book was purchased, oh, somewhere around 1990. But since we do not have immediate plans to add to our family, I feared buying brand new baby name book might strike fear into my husband’s heart, as well as not being an especially good use of our money.

Still, when the folks at Sourcebooks, Inc, emailed and asked if I would be willing to review The Complete Book of Baby Names, I jumped all over the chance. This is a huge 677-page book. The first 140 pages discuss everything from the history of names to popular names to good sibling names to middle names. Then the rest of the book is a huge index of about a gazillion different names, with meanings and multiple spellings for each.

This is a really fun book. My only quibble is that the African names section consists of only a dozen or so names. I would love to find a good book that would include a decent sized list of Ethiopian names. But that is a very small down-side in my mind. I am giving this a 5-owl rating.


  1. Too bad I’m not expecting either, I always found those books fun to look through.

  2. I love reading those too!

  3. I realize you may be partial to books, but have you ever looked at ? Tons of African names there (use the advanced search), as well as others. 🙂

  4. It says complete – do me a favor – can you look up Aletheia (female) and Jeshurun (male)? There’s just a few names that I think a US baby book HAS to have before I agree it’s complete =) Most of them lose, but if they get one they get Aletheia.

  5. Aletheia–one who is truthful (ten spellings are listed, including yours)

    Jeshurun-a righteous man

    Pretty complete, eh?

  6. We have a new grandchild on its way, but it’s bad luck to pick a baby name before they’re born.