I’ve got no opinion (progress update)

No Opinion Saturday today. I’ve decided instead to take control of my life. I’m planning to work like a maniac all day and see how much of this horrific to-do list I can take care of.

1. Address and send Christmas cards. DONE
2. Pay bills so I can still blog the lights will continue working. (1/2 done)
3. Give haircuts to all 5 of my guys. DONE
4. Assess Christmas shopping to determine what I still need to buy. DONE
5. Wrap some of the Christmas gifts trying to escape my closet. DONE
6. Mail rebates from gifts I bought, in hopes of replenishing bank balance.(tomorrow?)
7. Fold laundry so I won’t have to send search and rescue dogs after kids lost in the heap. (partly done)

If I just get the top 3 items on this list done along with 3 meals and Christmas program practice, it will be a good day. I’ll let you know at the end of the day how I did. If you want, chime in with your to-do list for the day….


I’ll leave you with the latest from my two year old.

I leaned down to pick her up and accidentally poked her in the face with a fingernail.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I said, “did I poke you in the eye??”

“Yes!” was her indignant response. “Don’t!”


  1. Good luck on your to do list. I am up at the awful hour of 4:30 am thought first blogging, then tackling my to do list, that includes packing up 5 brownie scouts to take to the ballet.

  2. Phooey! I just thought I’d come here and procrastinate a bit, but I guess the call of the list is strong everywhere this morning.
    -Help daughter wrap gift for class party, so I can get it out of my house
    -finish Christmas cards so I can get those out of my house
    -put bows on presents so I can walk in master bedroom
    -Clean master bath
    -Manage potty-ing of in-training 3yo – does potty training of a boy every end???
    -Sort this week’s laundry; put away last week’s clean laundry.
    -Attempt to purchase last few Christmas gifts – you know, the ones I’ve put off becuase they aren’t as “fun”
    -visit the fabric store
    -watch friends’ twins all evening
    . . . among other things that I will do with the kids because dear hubby is working today AND tomorrow! Ug!
    Happy Saturday!

  3. I’m addressing Christmas cards today too … 30 down, 40 to go!

    But right now I’m just snuggling with my toddler, blogging while we watch Laurie Berkner on Noggin.com.


  4. I’ll be working to conquer the laundry monster today, too. And I’m going to try get the kids’ tree up in the play room. Been procrastinating that. Otherwise, am hunkering down and avoiding the crowds and traffic – taking care of the neglected house instead.

    Christmas cards? I can work on that, too. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. – rescue children from dirty laundry pile (dogs were unsuccessful, it’s that huge)
    – help 7-yr-old with “research paper” – How People Celebrate Christmas in China – while thoughtfully fielding questions about Christianity (and lack thereof) in the land of her birth
    – have Christmas photos printed for cards
    – run and pick up stuffed dragon at Barnes and Noble that 7-yr-old has coveted since this spring
    – learn music I have to sing for church services tomorrow morning
    – bathe 3 really stinky children
    – pick up babysitter who lives 20 minutes away
    – find my one and only pair of pantyhose (hopefully run-free)
    – sing Messiah concert at church this evening
    I need a nap…

  6. I was up at O-dark-hundred this morning, but gratefully, it was my three year old who woke me, wanting to snuggle! We snoozed for 3.2 seconds a short time before we were joined by her two big sisters.
    My list for today is short:
    – Prepare and serve three meals
    – get clean laundry put away (with daughters’ help)
    – get all three girls showered and ready for bed.
    – leave my daughters with DH,
    – attend my school’s Christmas party.
    – Come home, lavish attention on my DH in thanks for babysitting.
    – Go to bed.
    I hope your weekend is wonderful!

    P.S. My three year old tells me, after I walked into the coffee table and said “OW!” : “Mommy, if it hurts, just don’t do it!”

  7. I accomplished a major list yesterday, so today I can pretty much relax! Yea! But we are leaving for a LONG trip on Monday so I do need to pack and wrap up a few odds and ends.

  8. I’m with all of the ladies above on the to-do list, laundry, christmas cards, wrapping, etc, etc, etc….But, I am headed for my hoemtown to visit with my Grandma:) The reason for the trip is so that my husband can pick up his x-mas gift, a $410 ice shanty that he purchased on-line for $100!! But I am thrilled to see my Grandma and the girls are excited too because my dear Grandmother has alot of stuff and they love to go through it all!!

    Good Luck to everyone with their list, and I will be thinking of you all as I drive North:)

  9. that’s a funny quote…and list very ambisious
    good luck I’m rooting for you

  10. Hmmm….figure out WHAT we are going to do for a tree this year. Go shopping at one place in town that has artificial ones. Discover they are $100 for spindly tree. YIKES! Think of another option–still working on this. Drag down boxes of Christmas stuff on Sat a.m. before going to beach. The twins are in their swimsuits, but Ilsa puts on a tinsel angel crown and Abel puts on a Santa hat. They look really comic. Guess my list is a lot shorter and easier than yours 🙂 We did a lot of shopping this summer–not cuz we’re organized, but because the only stuff available here is expensive but poorly-made, and the selection is abyssmal. My problem is that I don’t feel it’s Christmas yet but I’m starting to get panicky because it IS Christmas! Soon! AUGH!

  11. As I read your ‘to-do’ list I became wearily aware of my very own to-do list yet undone. (sigh) And then, upon reading your two-year old’s bossy little answer I just cracked up laughing! It’s great how the actions of a child can immediately change the direction in which your mind is going, no?

    Hope your list is all done!

  12. Yeah, she’s a feisty little thing! so cute, though! Those 3 little girls were TOO cute this morning in their matching dresses–and they knew it 🙂