All nerves today…

..and a hundred random things swirling around..

Do we have enough school done to start Christmas break before I lose my sanity?

Are my book chapters good enough yet to send to the agents who’ve expressed interest?

When am I going to cut the boys’ hair? Write the Christmas letter? (Update: letter is written) Address envelopes? Wrap gifts, preferably before kids find them? (update: 2 gifts wrapped)

When am I going to finish my shopping? Scrub my bathroom? Put Christmas lights on the outside of my house? Make cookies? Scrapbook 4 pages of cute-kid-pix for grandma’s annual calendar?

And the most pressing questions at this moment: What are we going to have for lunch? And is there any chocolate around here?

Deep breath… remind self of the only source of peace in life…


  1. Oh my I am the first one to comment, that never happens ever;)
    I feel the same way, so much to do and so little time. I can’t imagine homeschooling on top of it all, you go girl!! I just finished making 7 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tommorow night, my first one ever. Why did I agree to go to that??lol. Because I will bring home 7 dozen mixed variety cookies that’s why, great gifts:) I too fear the little ones finding the presents all stashed in black garbage bags and crammed in my closet, but since we just got a new puppy I am afraid to attempt a wrapping session, just too much work right now.

    Well you just relax for a minute and remember what this season is really all about and if everything doesn’t get done right on time…Oh Well:)) I’m sure Jesus won’t mind;)

  2. I know how you feel. 🙂

    BTW…My sister just left her job as an editor at Gibbs Smith (a small’ish publisher) and was in the “Home and Hearth” section. If you want, we can tell you where to send the preview stuff. She has been in publishing for 10 years…….. Two of my sisters have written/published books and I know that the more agents you have in your pocket the better…but this sounds like it would be right up the Gibb Smilth alley….. Fee free to e mail me if you want me to hook you up with her to find out what the next step is from there…….. 🙂

  3. That is exactly how I am feeling right now!

  4. Here’s a little tip to help alleviatae some of the holiday stress (although it’s too late for you, since you already finished your holiday letter). This year, instead of including a letter with our Christmas cards, I am just doing those handy photo cards (which I can conveniently order online at Snapfish) and am including my blog address with our signature. I figure, instead of agonizing over which details to include in our letter, I can just let people read it all – on my blog! Whew! May be a lazy shortcut, but it works for me!

  5. Wow, Mary, you have the newsletter written? You are about a hundred steps ahead of me!

    And Shana–I have tried in year’s past to just tell everybody about our blogs, to e-mail pictures. My mother won’t even turn on a computer, let alone figure out the Internet. My Aunt Doris is almost blind, and an old college roomie is doing mission work overseas, with questionable resources for electricity and computers.
    There must come some sort of letter in PRINT for our folks.

    Your Nativity scene is precious. All those pretty colors.
    Ours is hand-carved from olive wood. Although I do love it, have had it for 20 years, something about your Wise Men and Mary’s purple gown just catches my eye.