What does it mean…

…about your writing if the first key to wear out on your computer keyboard is the semicolon?


nevermind. i don’t wanna know.


  1. I broke my delete key clean off? I’m trying not to think about what that means.

  2. hopefully, that you can use it correctly…

  3. Nevermind ; I don’t want to know.


  4. hehehe. This one was funny – short & sweet! What DOES it mean when your semi-colon key wears out?? Hahaha!

    Thanks for stopping by to say ‘hello’! I really appreciate the visit and the comment. I’ll be playing your Saturday opinion game next round.

    Talk to you soon!

  5. OMG, I was cranky because my Palm Treo didn’t even *have* a semi-colon. I almost took it back!

  6. My first thought was that you share a keyboard with a programmer; failing that, I like the suggestion that perhaps you know how to use it….

    Um, mine’s fine.

  7. It means you are a complex person, giving to writing complex sentences, or your right pinky (?) finger is exceptionally strong! ;^)