Dumb insurance question

Do most of you who have health insurance through your employer (or your husband’s employer) pay per child for that insurance, or is it just a flat fee to get the family plan, no matter the number of children?

What about people who have to buy their own insurance? Do you buy per person or per family? We pay the same whether we have two kids or ten, and I just got wondering if that is the norm…


  1. I think that with group health insurance through an employer you pay a flat rate for children, while most or all self-pay insurance options charge per child. That’s been my experience, anyway.

  2. We’ve always had health insurance through my husband’s employers and it’s always been a flat rate per family regardless of family size.


  3. I think it is the norm. We get the same benifits rates for one or ten.

  4. Same here – I’ve never heard of having to pay per-person on an insurance plan!

  5. We have our own insurance and every child will up our insurance. BUT our insurance is 1/2 of what it was as a part of a group. And our insuarance now is better.

  6. We are self employed, so buy our own insurance. We have a flat fee for the family, but it’s amazing how many opportunities they take to raise the premium!

  7. We currently have a flat fee through my husbands company. However, when I was working, I was charged a fee per person though the more dependents we had, the less fee’s we had. I am sure that they changed their policy as the members who had no children had to pay the highest rates. It made no sense at all. (this was a few years ago)

  8. Ugh. My pet peeve – Health Insurance should be unrelated to employment. Grrrrr.

    Anyway, we have it through Dh’s company. Flat fee.

  9. Just wanted to clarify #5 – our insurance is better then what we had. The payment is 1/2 what is was when we got rid of our group insurance.

  10. We pay the family plan but have to add children to that as they come. I used to have a plan that was per child though–it was something we had on our own, not through our employer though. Insurance can be so mysterious sometimes.

  11. How odd…insurance is much on my mind today since we just got a bill that equals a month’s salary from our drs visits this summer, and we’re upset as we pay through the nose for this insurance. It doesn’t cover wellness OR sickness. What a deal, folks! Back when we were normal people not global nomads, our insurance was a family plan but it covered one through 4 kids, I think it was. It would have gone up if we had more kids, but it was a flat rate up to that. I miss that insurance, which covered things like child immunizations and ear infections.

  12. We’ve always had insurance through my husband’s employers, and we’ve always paid a flat family rate.

  13. Employer (well I’m actually on a fellowship, so it’s actually them that) pays for it all. Best of all DW’s company pays her to not be on their plan!! Oh, man am I going to miss this job.

  14. I cover all five of our kids through my employer and it’s the same rate regardless of the number of kids. About ten years I was doing some contracting work and we got our own temporary plan through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and it was the same way. We paid a family rate which covered children regardless of how many children there were.

  15. I’m with Mimi – health insurance is such a pet peeve to me. We have insurance through my hubby’s work and it is a flat fee for kids, no matter how many and it is really expensive.

  16. Usually after the 3rd kid it’s priced per family…at least that’s how our price list looks. Guess we’ll find out for sure next year when we go for #4.

  17. We pay a flat rate, it is one rate for just my husband, one to add me and then another to get the family plan and I looked at it because it was right here getting ready to renew and ours did specify 6 children maximum and then additional fee for children after that.

  18. I think it’s a flat rate if you have it through your employer. Sounds right to me anyway. We only have two kids, but we just pay for family rates at my work which is way cheaper than for most people, since I work for a major company.

  19. Our insurance is through my husband’s employer–flat “family” fee that covers all children. We have always had the same insurance, and it is pretty decent coverage. A friend of mine has insurance with the same company through a different employer, and she pays higher premiums with less coverage. I think, sadly enough, when it is through an employer, insurance ends up being whatever “deal” the employer can manage to get from the ins. company.

  20. Our insurance is for our entire family, regardless of size.

    I’d just like to add that we lived in England, the land of ‘free’ health insurance for nearly 3 years. And yes, it doesn’t cost anything to go to the doctor, or for emergency visits, etc. The Brits also pay about 3x the tax we do; additionally they pay the equivalent of $8 a gallon for gas (when it should be roughly half (because of the currency exchange) what you’re paying at the pump) and that’s how they pay for their health insurance scheme. It’s not free by any stretch of the imagination. The waiting lists to be seen can be atrocious, and many people still have private insurance. I”ve also heard, though not personally witnessed, that doctors can determine when a seriously ill baby’s life should not be resuscitated because of ‘quality of life’ issues. The parents can be overruled.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now! This is my very first post here, and I’ve so enjoyed reading this blog- I hope I haven’t alienated anyone. I’ve just been talking to a friend in England today about healthcare and am a little fired up about her situation…

  21. We used to pay oer child and a different rate based on our age group! I don’t think DH’s current insurance is that way. I know mine is just a flat family rate and they do not take age into account.

  22. Our insurance costs over 15% of our income. Once we reached four children, the price for the family did not increase…for number of family members, that is. The total cost continues to rise about 20% each year. Ouch.

  23. We use Samaritan Ministries – $248/month for the whole family. It’s very different from traditional insurance, but it works and we love it. We paid far less for our last birth than if we had used the traditional insurance policy we had previously.
    Let me know if you’re interested, because they have a killer referral program. 🙂