Cold weather choreography

The weather is now cold enough here that even properly dressed, the four youngest kids last outdoors only about 20 minutes before they are begging to come in. Releasing them willy-nilly as they become ready to head out means that about the time the last kid is shod and coated and pottied, the first ones are trickling back in complaining of frostbite.

For mom to actually get 20 full minutes’ peace during those brief blissfull sojourns outdoors, I have to choreograph the outdoor prep carefully. From now on I am going to have them wait by the back door till everyone is ready, only releasing them when every kid is properly clad for the great outdoors. They way they can all explode out the door at once, maximizing my quiet moments. I may even boot up my Word document before I send them out the door. Now back to work. Zoom — like outdoor playtime– will not last forever.


  1. Yep, we just spent 15 minutes suiting up for literally 3 minutes outside. I don’t like the way this ratio works!

  2. Oh this brings back memories of growning up in Rochester, NY. We had to have bread bags over our shoes inside our boots. Every recess and lunch we suited up and disrobed after minutes of play! I don’t know how those teachers did it!

    BTW I recieved the book today-Thanks!

  3. The picture of a revolving door with warmly dressed children coming in and out constantly made me giggle. I think your idea is a really good one!

  4. I’m barely putting coats on my girls here so I know nothing of this “frostbite”. 🙂 It cracked me up though imagining what it must be like. By the way, I love the picture of your kids by/in the tree — that is great!

  5. Ah, this brings back memories of my childhood in Chicago. All those winter clothes…going outside and coming back in, soaked from snow…hat hair…persistent puddles of melted snow in the halls at school…standing next to the radiator after coming back inside. All good stuff. Sounds like you really have the drill perfected! 🙂

  6. That is SO like our house right now! My 4 are wanting to be outside each day (which is good for them of course). But, oh, the layering, coats zipped, booting-up, gloves stretched, hats on, scarves tied that has to take place beforehand!!! LOL

  7. That is so funny. That’s why moms have to be so smart–to figure out how to maximize their few moments of peace.