Answering your questions

I got a chuckle from some of the recent searches that led people here and thought I really oughta answer a few of the questions.

First of all, to the person wanting to know the ‘percent of kids who argue’ — All. 100%. At some point, anyway.

‘creative christmas letters’– This is a fun one. I am love Christmas letters, so I have some real ideas. Here are my two favorites.

One year I had all the kids draw a picture of the funnest thing they did all year. Then I scanned the pictures and shrunk them down so they’d all fit on a page along with a few sentences from each kid describing their picture. You would not believe how adorable your kid’s drawings will look shrunk down. Even if you don’t do a letter like this, you oughta try shrinking a favorite drawing just to see how cool it will look.

The other letter that people really liked was actually a chart, not a letter. Across the top of the page I listed every family member’s name, then down the side of the page I made about 8 categories including: favorite book, favorite movie, best way to spend an hour, worst moment this year, favorite food, etc. I asked everyone those questions and typed the answers into the chart. Easy, interesting, and a fun keepsake for us as well.

The final search question is obviously someone shopping for me- ‘owl gifts for her’. Well, chocolate, of course. Though I wouldn’t complain about Amazon gift certificates… (hehe)


  1. Too late, just photocopied the letter (I guess we needed a letter this year anyway given the huge change(s) in our lives). Good ideas…now will I remember them in 365 days?

  2. I love those ideas! I tried the “shrunken” drawing and you’re right – it does look really different! 🙂

  3. Those are great letter ideas. 🙂