Isaiah 8:18


  1. How amazing that you could get a good picture of everybody!! That NEVER happens in my family.

  2. Gorgeous. How blessed you are!!!

  3. What a good lookin’ crew!

  4. Love the picture. I can never get my kids all together to accomplish that.

  5. Wonderful picture!! I love it! You are blessed.

    I just posted on my blog about taking almost 300 pictures of my kids yesterday and not finding even one to send in the Christmas cards. And…I only have 3 kids!! LOL!

  6. The picture is a wonder–getting everybody to smile and have their eyes open at the same time!
    What a great bunch of younguns!

    Something I discovered just this morning–that your Bible passage is highlighted and clicks to the quote.
    Makes it so much easier than finding the verse in my overstuffed paper version.
    So many bookmarkers and notes in there. I get lost in sentimental journeys, rather than reading the Word itself.

  7. what amazingly beautiful children! I loved the crossed ankles on your little pink dress-up queen. Oh, and they were so cute at church today…. most notably your almost *gasp* 15-year old! I told him that he looked cute, and I don’t think he appreciated it. I had to assure him that whenever a girl says you look cute, that’s a good thing… LOL

  8. what a wonderful picture of your beautiful family!

  9. Wow what a fantastic photo. Blessings abound.

  10. Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. what a fun pic!!

    I just love that several are up in the tree–it provides such a great place for photos. 🙂

    I also love that the little sister in pink is standing just like her big brother!! How sweet.

  12. That is just an awesome pic.

  13. okay…this means you HAVE to include photos in your book.

  14. Great photo!

  15. love it….I like that a few of the kids just jump in the tree.

  16. Awesome picture! So many kids, so many smiles – and they fit perfectly in that tree!

  17. What a GREAT photo! 🙂

  18. A great photo!! Love how they are all posed… that is too cute!!