From Behind the Veil

(AKA: Four year old fashion)


  1. Love it! I’ve begun to let go of controlling how my daughters choose to dress themselves. I do not let them wear dress-up clothes or makeup outside the house. I DO still insist on modesty (they’re 7 and 6) but if they want to wear a blue turtleneck with a red plaid skirt and purple lace socks with their black dress shoes – I let them.
    I also tell them to tell EVERYONE that they meet that they dressed themselves that morning!

  2. I wish that we lived closer because my four year old and your four year old would be inseparable. She is so beautiful and quite the fashion diva,lol.

  3. My daughter,also four would love to join too!

  4. hilarious

  5. Your kids are so cute!

  6. Adorable! Love the glasses. LOL!

    My girls love draping blankets over their heads and pretending to be Mary, while carrying their little baby dolls…named Jesus. LOL!

  7. Nobody can strut their stuff quite like a four year old!

  8. Martina Fahrner says:

    What cuties….
    had a weird moment though, when I read your headline “from behind the veil”… they look a little like they would wear a hijab!
    Nice to see young ladies covered up though instead of half naked (and I mean that really serious ; ) )

  9. Adorable – especially the cool shades!

  10. You gotta love those glasses! Not all of us can carry off that look so well! Adorable!

  11. those are GREAT!!! So fun! : )

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