Julienne Princess

If you ever want to keep a two year old occupied for twenty minutes, just try handing her a mushroom and a butter knife.


  1. That “mush”room is aptly named, LOL. 😉

    Hey, whatever keeps ’em safely occupied. 🙂

  2. so intent!

  3. My girls love to help in the kitchen, that is why I can’t wait for the little kitchen that Grandma bought for them to get here,lol.
    Love the title!!

  4. Love that look of concentration!!! 20 minutes, that is great!

  5. This is the first picture of her where she’s really looked like a GIRL instead of a BABY. What an exciting (and bittersweet, I’ll bet) new chapter!

  6. 20 minutes?! i love it!

  7. I will definitely remember this!! Lately I’ve been doing alot of sewing and we have a little sewing machine for Isabella (no batteries yet) and she will sit there with her tiny little toy scissors that came with it and cut the thread into tons of tiny pieces — makes a mess all over the floor, but it does keep her occupied. 🙂