Frugal Friday: Christmas Wreaths

Over the years I’ve made quite a few Christmas wreaths. It is a fun and easy project, with lots of room for creativity. If you already have a form from an old wreath (grapevine, green florist foam, or whatever), you can strip the form bare and start over. Or you can add cool new things to your existing wreath. You can also give an evergreen in your yard a pruning and with the help of wire create your own form. For fastening on the fancy stuff, I’ve used wire, twine, hot glue, or even twist ties. (The ones that fasten kids’ toys in packages are perfect.)

Yesterday I came across a really fun article Southern Living: Find Your Holiday Wreath Style with a bunch of unusual Christmas wreath ideas. The ones pictured here are my two very favorite. The article includes more than a dozen other cool ideas as well. Look through the photos and I bet your imagination will be inspired.

You may decide to buy some things to recreate the beautiful looks in the article. But chances are you could come up with an equally lovely wreath with things you already have: greenery, pinecones, nuts from the tree in your yard, an old silk flower arrangement you’re tired of. Think creatively.

I’m going to use some really huge pine cones to jazz up a wreath I already have. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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  1. oh…this is my dream to be able to do this kind of thing. are these yours? beautiful!

  2. No, no, these are pictures from the Southern Living website…. but I have plans…when I get a certain writing project done, that is….


  3. I love the Christmas ball wreath!! Beautiful!!! That will go in my ‘must try this’ file! Thank you!!

  4. I love the pine cone wreath. I like the other one too, but I think the pine cone one is really pretty and looks like it would be about free to make it. I made one of those cranberry wreaths one year. Actually a couple berries stuck in with the pine cones would be pretty….

  5. Martina Fahrner says:

    Eeeeeh, if you have an old BBQ grill — it makes a great base form for a wreath too (I AM NOT KIDDING)… Cover the outside parameter with Magnolia leaves and you have a american country/distressed piece!! I have had mine for some now and change the decoration with the season!

  6. I love the Christmas Ball wreath! Great frugal decorating tips, Mary!

    I’ve just posted an entry over at my blog on a Christmas project my sons and I are doing for homeschooling this Season. We are focusing on different countries each week and studying their Christmas traditions. Ethiopia was one of our countries this week! Thought you might be interested! If you’d like, come over and visit to check it out~

  7. oohhhh! I love the Christmas ball one! thanks for sharing – I’ve been wanting a wreath this year, but they are too expensive to buy!!!