Just a warning

If your runny-nosed toddler comes up to you complaining about the state of her nose, and you call for a Kleenex and catch both her hands in yours to prevent the dreaded swipe-it-across-the-cheek move– don’t relax while waiting for the Kleenex to arrive.

She may just lean down and in one skillful move wipe her nose all over your PJ pants.

Just a warning.


  1. Aren’t they nimble like that?! If nothing else, being a mother is being a human tissue.

  2. Nothing like a good, snot induced giggle!
    Heth, what a great comment!
    And at least they were just your pj pants and not the last pair of clean pants in your closet that you had just put on to make yourself presentable enough to go out in public!

  3. Ugh! Why does that sound oddly familiar? lol

  4. Just a couple of days ago…… I was down on the floor with my eleven-month-old twin boys. I watched as Twin 1 crawled up to Twin 2, picked his brother’s nose, and put the ‘item’ into his brother’s mouth for him. They smiled at each other and he went on his way.

    I’m sure it’s just a sign of the things to come.

  5. Not the PJ’s!!!!!!!! I would be horrified. My PJ’s are the nicest things I own. Flannel, thick and beatiful colors. If only the rest of my closet was as pretty. Happy Holidays to you.

  6. Ah, yes. Been there, sometimes willingly and sometimes un-. ;^)

  7. Toddlers as “skillful” and “nimble”. Very descriptive of the age group.

    When I worked at the daycare center, the time came for me to get a new coat.
    I had very specific criteria. Long enough to cover my backside while walking playground duty, a hood to put over my head during sleet storms while carrying in supplies, and machine washable. The clerks in most of the stores thought I was trying for too much.
    One asked why the machine wash? I told her because toddlers have a way of wiping a nose at their own head level, and we had a dozen to keep track of.
    Also, there was that time we had to push the van out of the slushy driveway. Coat definitely needed the laundry after that.

  8. At least she didn’t wipe it on the couch. Or your bare leg. I think both of those are worse. 🙂

  9. my kids used to be sneaky and i always thought i was getting a big hug until i saw the shiny stripes on my pants. 🙂 emily

  10. Ahhh. The joys of motherhood!

  11. My boys think carrying a kleenex and wearing a long sleeve shirt is redundant.

  12. This reminds me of something I saw in Reader’s Digest long ago.
    A little girl wanted her mom to see her finger. Thinking she had a boo-boo, the mother kissed her finger, then pretended to eat it.
    When she was done being silly, her daughter looked disappointed:
    “I wanted to show you my booger, but now it’s gone.”