Typepad mystery

Could anyone tell me why, whenever I have tried to reply on ANY Typepad blog all week long, instead of the comment being registered on the appropriate blog, my comment is lost and I am automatically redirected to Chookooloonks?

Now, heaven knows I love Karen, but why on earth has my computer decided to hijack every typepad comment and send me over to her place repeatedly? And more importantly, how do I FIX it?


  1. What a mystery! I am vastly disappointed that no one has given you an answer yet. Maybe all of THEIR comments have taken them to Karen’s as well. Okay, here goes–I’m about to hit submit and we’ll see where I go…

  2. How odd! The same thing has been happening to me. I’ve been able to leave comments though. But I’ve been re-directed to Chookooloonks as well. I thought my computer was going wacky, but now that I know it’s not just me….weird. I don’t know how to make it stop though.

  3. Have you tried deleting all the cookies from typepad.