Singing, Two Year Old Style

My two year old loves to listen to music while we drive. Her favorite cassette contains the song I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever. She knows quite a few words to the song, but this afternoon as I was listening to her sing along, I realized she’d developed her own version of one line.

The line was, “With my mouth will I make known..”

Her version?

“With my mouth will I make ‘no’ ”

Which, when you consider a toddler’s love for the word ‘no’, makes a heckuva lotta sense.


  1. Too funny!

    My baby liked to sing one of his favorite songs, “Beautiful One.” The chorus: ” Beautiful One I love. Beautiful One I adore. Beautiful One my soul must sing. ”

    But he used to sing, “Beautiful One I love. Beautiful One BY A DOOR.” He was three, made a whole lot more sense to him.

  2. I love when kids do that. It is so cute!

  3. She knows what she’s singing about,lol.
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  4. I used to sing “I’m Every Woman” as “Climb Every Woman.”

  5. Perfect! Just perfect!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  6. Mary,

    How can we contact you other than leaving a comment?

  7. Indeed! Very true.

    My son called that song the “Endurance song” because For His Mercy Endureth Forever sounded like Endurance to him.

  8. Cute!!!

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  9. Darling, and accurate! My two yo would love it.

  10. Too darn cute!

  11. ooh, so sweet. and it does make complete sense, of course!