Four year old fashion

Here we have a tasteful ensemble composed of stylishly unmatched socks, a strappy black minidress creatively worn as a skirt, and a shawl made from a baby blanket, all topped off by a well-loved Easter bonnet that has graced the heads of many little girls. This child’s style is surpassed only by her love for dress-up!


  1. what a beauty!

  2. My sister in law used to dress up in some crazy getups when she was that age. Today she is indeed a fashionalbe lady! Oh be sure to save that picture!

  3. That’s hot!

  4. How funny…my 4 year old is the same way!!! She is always coming out in some very well planned out outfit. She will use blankets as cloaks, shirts as skirts, and scarves as veils. I always wonder why God has delivered my little princess with this obsession(I mean talent). Maybe one day our daughters will meet at one of the worlds most famous fashion show;) As the designers of course.

  5. Cute photo! I’m still here, been reading but not commenting lately. Sorry! 🙂

    BTW- I’m expecting…again.

  6. You know, it’s looks much cooler and cuter than much that I see coming down the runways– 🙂

  7. Looks better than the stuff I saw on the runway recently!

  8. I like seeing fashion photos! Have you thought about dragging them all into one folder? For when she graduates from design school? ;^)

  9. What do you mean “Four Year Old”?

    For Thanksgiving this year I’m going to rock that outfit. Where’s that one pink sock I had…?