not rain nor sleet nor hail nor dark of night…

…but possible a toddler will stop my letters from being mailed….seeing how she just showed up carrying only the wrapping that belongs around my formerly pristine and very brand new $40 roll of stamps…bought just yesterday. The actual stamps are nowhere to be seen.

UPDATE: My 14 yo found them! They were in a big loopy un-roll. But not a one was missing. Whew.


  1. *sigh* I know how you feel. When I bought the superhero stamps, the kids were just sure that they were stickers. I hope you find them and that you can salvage at least a few.

  2. OH NO….

  3. ACK! I’ve always been terrified that my kids would do that, because they LOVE stickers. I managed to keep them out of their hands when they were younger, and now they’re old enough to know better.

    The worst my son ever did was get hold of one of those “degree through the mail” things that comes with all the stickers of courses you can choose from to put on your reply and stick them ALL over his body, LOL.

  4. I just wonder where they all are? I once stuck stickers all over the tile in our bathroom when I was younger, I thought they looked very pretty. Mom didn’t. 🙂 They were samples from her work, bright neon colored, non-removable…ack!

  5. can’t wait ot hear the outcome of this! 🙂

  6. Looks like a sticker, acts like a sticker, smells like a sticker, (probably) even tastes like a sticker . . . but WHERE could they be!
    Oh, so sorry!

  7. ooooo….i LOVE stickers 😉

  8. Heh. Those be some pretty expensive stickers, ay Mom?

  9. oh my- we’ve been there. My 3 year old found our stamps and covered himself with them and called himself sticker boy. good luck finding them…..hopefully able to still use them.

  10. Whew!

  11. Oh my! I’m sure my Isabella would do the same thing, I’ll have to be careful to always put ours up. She’s so addicted to stickers.

    Glad you found them!

  12. Wow! Glad you found them still somewhat intact. They do make such nice stickers.