You wouldn’t know by looking at me…

After reading a post over at Mocha Momma, I decided I wanted to do this one too.

1. You probably wouldn’t guess that when I was a teenager my favorite music was by Def Leppard and Van Halen. And in mellower moods Chicago and Air Supply. But most decidedly NOT Barry Manilow or John Denver. back then I spat upon John Denver music. (Sorry, hubs.)

2. You might not guess that I almost flunked microbiology in college. (I like to think that it was the teacher’s fault- lots of other nursing students in my class DID flunk. I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do that I was pregnant with my first-born that semester.)

3. I hope you wouldn’t know by looking at me that I have a child in college, which means that microbiology class was NINETEEN years ago. No wonder the only thing I remember about that class (besides my first F ever on a test) is that I compulsively ate M&M’s in every class.

4. You may not know that in the decade I worked as an RN in labor and delivery I assisted at over 300 births. During that time I delivered 26 very in-a-hurry babies all myself, one in the front seat of a Cutlass Ciera. (Any L&D nurse worth her salt will tell you it is incredibly hard to predict when to get the doctor there….made even harder by the fact that most doctors want to be called no more than 20 minutes ahead of time.)


  1. I still LOve Def Leppard and Van Halen — but what about Bon Jovi?

    I didn’t even dare college – I just worked until I became a mama.

    You DO NOT look like you have a child in college – all those littles keep you young.

    How cool that you delivered all those babies. ANd my doc wa in the room taking his weet time putting on his gloves ect until the nurse said – “Doc. GET.OVER.HERE.” My son was R.E.A.D.Y. to come out.

  2. Oh, yes, Bon Jovi too…..!


  3. No, I would not have guessed the microbiology one!

    Def Leppard? Yeah! The good stuff. I think you’re in very good company =).

    Being present for birth is such a privilege, even if you’ve done it hundreds of times, isn’t it?

    Would you believe I once caught a baby -in-a-hurry? A brand-new birth doula, fourth client ever. Delivery is waayyy out of a doula’s scope of practice but, thankfully, I at least knew what to do. I’d gone to mom’s house to help her get to the hospital and it developed into a precipitous birth, right there on the floor at the bottom of her stairs. Cord was around baby’s neck, but was no problem to lift. Wish I’d been able to give better perineal support as baby was booming down, but I was too busy trying to get pants out of the way!

  4. Interesting.

    THere’s no Manilow or Denver love here.

  5. Could you come assist in my delivery too? Hm? Please?

  6. I did know #4, but that’s only because I just happened to read your 100 things yesterday (or maybe it was last week)

  7. I have fast labors! Delivery at the bottom of the stairs is one of my fears! The wonderful L&D nurse at my last delivery told me that its most often baby #4 that she ends up catching. So far (3) the doctor has always made it in time but if I were to have another, I’d bet on the nurse catching it (or EMT in the house). Thank goodness for fabulous nurses!

    Are you tall? I’ve noticed in our local hospital that the L&D nurses are like Amazons, averaging near 6 feet while the mother and baby nurses tend to be tiny!

    How do you feel about that music now? I grew up on classic rock and never care to listen to any of it again, BTDT!

  8. cool on the car catch!

    I don’t think you look old enough to have a kid in college but then I think you look near my age and I have one too! how did that happen?

  9. The looking younger than you age is fine for awhile. I got carded when I was 26 and it made my day! aw, heck, just the memory a quarter century later gives me a smile!

    John Denver is the bestest. Tell your Hubs he’s in good company.

    My youngest son is the guitar player of the family. I told him he had to learn at least two Denver songs and play them at my request.
    My Return for all the diapers I changed at the daycare center to pay for his own guitar lessons.

    Now he is the teacher. He says he has one girl who loves any John Denver tunes, so he wowed her by playing a song all the way through. She apparently went home and told her mother, who made a request to listen one evening after the practice session.

  10. Whoa. I love your list! It also provided more detail than the 100 things. I like how you explained each of them.

  11. I HATED Van Halen when I was a teenager, but now? Looking back? Love. Both DLR and Sammy Hagar.

  12. I love this list. Rock on Mary!

  13. Yess! Micro! I remember when I was taking it…and you were coaching me on how figure out the same professor you had taken it from. What a semester.


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