Five brownie points…

… if you can guess which movie my 4 year old was referring to when she asked to watch “Sinnemota Cute”. ??Anyone??


  1. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    That Veggie Tales one about “Minnesota Cuke”?

  2. You guessed it!

  3. That’s exactly what popped into my head but I didn’t get here fast enough to be the first to answer. Oh well, that’s a cute way to describe it!!

  4. So sweet! I actually have each of my daughters on video saying all the words that have charmed me over the years(their funny pronunciations), like: ‘besketti’ (spaghetti) and ‘I fo-dif you’ (I forgive you) or my all-time favorite: ‘fockee pot’ (coffee pot)!


    I was SO guessing “Minnesota Cuke.”



  6. This makes me sad. My kids are so old! I don’t hear stuff like this anymore. 🙁

  7. I was way off. I thought Finding Nemo
    I guess I am outdated in the VeggieTale depatrment.

  8. That is just so cute! Thanks for the smile this a.m.!


  9. My daughter from Ethiopia was almost 3 when she arrived and picked up English very fast. She had a hard time with “th” (three). She would say “one, two, free.” I taught her how to say “thuree” (three). So then she started saying “one, two, three, thor, thive, six. I think I created a monster.