Product review: Philips baby monitor

I’ve been meaning for several weeks to write a review on this incredibly cool baby monitor that was sent to me last month. One of the interesting things about parenting over a long span of years is observing the way that baby gadgets have improved. I realized after getting my hands on this Philips monitor that my last baby monitor was a dinosaur of a thing.

This new monitor transmits small sounds crystal clear, even at a distance of several hundred feet. (My 8 year olds had a great time tromping all over our 3 acre property while I called through the ‘baby’ end of the monitor). It has a cool feature that allows you to use the listening end of the monitor to talk back to your baby by pushing a button on the side just like a walkie-talkie.

There is a music feature that plays lullabyes to the baby. There is a light that you can switch on or off. There’s even a thermometer, so you can easily check the temperature in the baby’s room. I’m telling you, this is one cool monitor. The parent unit does seem to eat batteries quickly, but it is equipped with a recharging base, so if the majority of your listening will be happening near an outlet, that should not be a problem. It comes with a nice carry case, and would be a really nice shower gift. The only down side that I can see is that it is not the cheapest monitor out there. But if you use a monitor a lot, I think this one would be worth the money.
I am giving this little gem 4.5 owls.