I need some go juice.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not the wisest move to fit a big writing project into your life by continuing to do all the things you usually do during the day, and then simply stay up very, very late — night after night — to do the writing.


The other evening when hubby got home, I spent several minutes narrating to him the various irksome misbehaviors of HIS children while he had been at work. He listened till I wound down, then said, lips twitching, “It can’t have anything to do with the fact that you went to bed at 2:45 this morning, can it?”

“No.” I said, huffing indignantly. “They were really obnoxious. But it may have been related to YOUR DAUGHTER waking up at 7:45 and forcibly prying my eyeballs open with her incredibly pointy little fingers.”

Back turn. Stomp off.

I gotta start sleeping again.

Maybe after I get the book proposal done.

Till then, can anybody recommend a good espresso machine?


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  1. LOL!

    In college I used to buy 2 – 2 liter bottles of diet coke and that would get me through an all nighter! No wonder my body doesn’t tolerate caffeine very well now.

  2. My father-in-law once told me to drink lots of water when writing. Apparently your brain needs more hydration when you use it! (See, I didn’t tell you to get more sleep, that would be hypocritical of me (it’s 11:58 pm); just hoping to help you feel better in the morning!!

  3. I know it could not have been the lack of sleep, lol. That has never happened at my house. Kids do act up, you know. I don’t have an espresso machine, but do have a very nice coffee maker that freshly grinds the beans every morning, makes delicious coffee for me so that when I roll into the kitchen at 6 I can find it by the lovely aroma. I don’t even have to open my eyes until about 6:15 when I go for my second cup.

  4. the sign of a true writer! 🙂

  5. Sleep? Whazzat?

  6. LOL! I’m a night owl and love to stay up late, but I hate early mornings.

  7. Sounds like me the week of PMS. I believe it was me sobbing this last week about how my husband never does any of the shopping. Like I would let him, anyway. Darn lack of sleep and hormones. Our poor husbands…

  8. Recommend a good espresso machine….The DeLonghi Espresso Machine from Starbucks. Of course I’ll recommend it since I work for Starbucks. I will warn you though, it cost $1,000. Too much.

    Well, at least it the thought that counts, right?

  9. Oh yes ma’am, you just know that I have one for you. I bought a Senseo coffee maker for myself last Christmas for somewhere around 50 – 60 dollars. Money well spent. Then, I buy the Senseo Cappuccino pods. It’s very easy….and fast. Commercial over.

  10. Book??!! Everybody else seems to knw what you are referring to! Have I missed something in the last 6 wks???!! : ) I tried to go through all the posts last night, but I didn’t catch anything about that!!! Would love to hear more! : )

  11. I’m currently trying to break the habit of using Ethiopian coffee to stay up til two working on my own big writing project. I’m really glad I’m not alone — but I wish you were getting more sleep!