A smooch

Sweet little girl
I love the way
the bridge of your little nose
fits perfectly
against my lips.

Love Thursday spoke here


  1. She is wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful picture of a beautiful little girl!

    Happy Love Thurday,


  3. Nice snap, and a very precious little girl.

  4. She takes the best pictures!! Do you pose her or do you just carry your camera looking for a shot. My kids aren’t that cute =P I guess or I really have no eye for photographs!

  5. She’s darling!

  6. So sweet.

  7. Jennifer, The trick is simple– take TONS of pictures. That afternoon I took about 70 pictures, and got about about 50 mediocre ones, 15 good ones, and 5 excellent ones. Also, I crop. That photo actually had 2 other people in it, neither of whom looked that great in that photo. But cropping gave me something nice…


  8. I know you already know this – but she is just so darn cute!!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks for sending the snaps I won. I put some in Meron’s hair this weekend and the work great. I’ll try to get a picture up on my blog next week.

  10. Thanks for sharing how you got the beautiful picture. It is nice to know that others take so many to produce a good one.

  11. That really is so cute! And you are right. That is one of the most kissable places on babies.

    You inspired me this week, so I put up a Love Thursday for the first time.


  12. What a beautiful picture, she is so sweet!

  13. She’s so beautiful! What a joy.

  14. Awwww! I love seeing pictures of your family.

  15. Just beautiful. I too take hundreds of pictures in order to capture those precious few. And I love your poem too–they go just perfectly together.
    Thanks for sharing, and Happy Love Thursday!

  16. Cute lil button. I love the way the braid fell right on top of her eyes. It adds accent.

    Happy LT! I’m up as well.

  17. She is absolutely beautiful!

    Happy LT!

  18. Beauty defined.

  19. Yes, that is a yummy looking little face! (That would be a very strange statement coming from anyone who’s not a mommy…)

  20. awwwww, very precious!

  21. That is stunning. She is so beautiful.