Works For Me

Sometimes as a mom there are times when you just HAVE to get some work done without little ones hanging on your leg. That is when it is really wonderful to have big kids along with little ones. if I am having an extra crazy day, I will assign each of my biggest kids half an hour or so of time with the two youngest ones. Three big kids and a few carefully chosen activities, and I can have– ah bliss– 90 minutes of time to myself.


Works for me!

(Note: Even a 6 year old can take a 10-15 minute turn playing legos or reading stories with a younger sibling, with you nearby. Sometimes to make it more fun, I will call it an official babysitting job and divvy a bit of cash from my purse among the babysitters.)


  1. This is a great idea!

  2. Now, I’ve just got to get some more kids to make this work for me! (But I’ll remember it once our brood does grow.) Thanks for the tip!

  3. Especially when they’re reading age. “Read a story to your sister” is a wonderful thing I tell you.

  4. I am with Sarah. My family needs to grow. As I wrote on my my blog last night “This afternoon in an effort to have a few minutes peace I let a 2.5 year old play with glitter and glue by herself. It really wasn’t as bad as you might expect.” It worked for me yesterday but I am sure she will want to do it again today!

  5. This sounds great – although I’m not too sure what would happen if my almost 3 year old took care of the baby. 🙂 BUT, my husband is really good about giving me some peace to get things done when he gets home. And if I could always get my girls to take their long naps at the same time…….

  6. Hmmm…I need to get me some of those older kids that you talk about! It doesn’t really work with an almost 4 year old and almost 2 year old, which is evident in this post ( – page down to A Quiz) when I was making dinner, the girls were watching a movie and the 4 yo was instructed to let me know if 2 yo got into anything she wasn’t supposed to…not such a good plan!

  7. An added bonus for larger families! 🙂 My four year old (we call her little mama) loves to play with the baby. (with supervision of course) The 8 year old sometimes needs some convicing, but he is good with his siblings too!

  8. Great idea! I have always set up desks, and we all “worked”.

  9. Works for us, too!

  10. We do this in my home too! This is especially nice for those who are homeschooing…if you just need a few minutes with the seven year old for phonics, you can keep the younger ones busy with an older child and rest knowing that (hopefully!), they aren’t getting into any trouble!

    Great post!


  11. I know that feeling well. I sometimes assign them to entertain each other, knowing that I can at least get a few things done without stepping on one.

  12. Ooo, now send me one of your older ones, ok?? 😉

  13. Now that’s a serious reason to work on generating a sibling…We love our one and only madly and dearly but he does enjoy both of us entertaining him.