Weird kids

I realized today that I have weird kids. First of all, on the way into the store, I heard my two eight yr olds sounding out a word.


“Nin….tendo. Nintendo?”

“Mom, what’s Nintendo?” they chorused.

Once in the store in the produce section, they begged- yes, begged– for tofu and broke into cheers when I said they could pick out some brussel sprouts.

I kid you not.

Yup. Weird kids.

But in a good way.

(To be absolutely honest, I must add that they are familiar with every Gameboy game know to man. In the store they begged for gummy bears, chocolate mint ice cream, and candy canes. They also pinched each other, touched everything in sight, and once or twice ran around a corner so fast they almost upset old ladies. Maybe they’re not so weird after all.)


  1. That’s great! 🙂

    My kids have some odd things about them, but at the same time are also very normal.

  2. Yep, you do have some weird kids there. I am hoping mine are just as weird.

  3. I’m glad to hear they are completely normal after all!!

  4. Oh, to have such weird kids!

  5. Cheering for brussel sprouts…wow. I’m honestly trying to picture it and just can’t! 😉 But that is pretty cool and I’m envious!

  6. We have an awesome, easy brussel sprouts recipe. Half them and toss them with sesame oil and black pepper, then roast them in an extremely hot oven until they start to get brown and some of the outer leaves get a little crunchy. You can also add a sliced carrot or two before roasting for some lovely color.


    A totally different taste than slimy boiled ones…

  7. And my children have no idea what a brussel sprout is….

  8. I am so chuckling right now! My children LOVE broccoli and break into cheers when we buy it! They also tend to deem anything rated PG or higher as “NOT appropriate” (wonder where they got that phrase?! LOL).

    Brussel sprouts though? I’ve never bought them due to bad childhood experiences with them congealing on my plate and the thought of eating them looming large! LOL

  9. That’s too funny! Mine got excited when I “let” them get a “fancy” apple at the store. It’s the little things…