She would have to pick that line.

This evening the little kids were watching Stuart Little 3, borrowed from Grandma. It’s not the best movie, but I don’t utterly hate it.

Except for that one line, the line where one of the characters turns his back and says dismissively, “Talk to the butt.”

Which line my toddler repeated instantly and flawlessly.

Complete with a perfectly-mimicked pivot and butt-waggle.

And a huge grin when she spotted both parents clapping hands over their mouths trying to hide grins.

Yeah. We’re good like that.


  1. Oh, is that just not typical! LOL!

  2. It never fails!

  3. Oh Mary! I would have had to grin too. Why do they always pick the naughty thing? And why do we always laugh at it?! 8^)

  4. That is sooo something my son would do. And I always try (unsuccessfully) not to laugh, lest I hear the joke repeated 95 times in a row. ;^)

  5. Isn’t it funny how they pick up the one thing you DON”T want them to hear and learn? My kids are so famous for that. When A Bug’s Life came out, it was “Who ordered the Poo-poo Platter?” over and over and over with loads of giggles.

    Kids…gotta love em!

  6. ahhhhh! I miss you!! : ) I’m just trying to catch up on reading blogs……a LOT of posts!!! Tonight is the first time I’ve been on since I had Karis…I think! But it’s fun to be back! It’s like getting together for coffee with an old friend ; )

    As usual… got a good laugh out of me here! Samuel and Keziah usually pick up on the things I feel like I RARELY say, but would never want them to say… “dadgummit” – yep….Samuel busted out with that the other day! I guess I say it more than I know : ( Working on NOT saying that anymore : )