Opinion Saturday

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Feeling totally unimaginitive today– and busy. We’re headed to the corn maze this morning– and this evening my hubby and I are actually going out on a DATE– ye haw! So here’s the plan. Sometime between now and Tuesday evening, YOU come up with an interesting Opinion Saturday discussion question.

I’ll give the Golden Keyboard Award to the person whose question I like the very best, and I’ll feature several of the best ones over the next few weeks, with credit given each week to the question creator. You can use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner on my blog to see the types of questions I’ve done in the past– just type in ‘Opinion Saturday’. Sound good? Hit me with your best question.

Also I wanted to mention that I have a new post up at largerfamilies.com titled ‘Q&A – Finding Harmony on Family Size’ Go comment, OK?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love reading homemaking blogs and find them very inspirational and motivating. I have become a better homemaker and wife because of blogs like yours. My question for Opinion Saturday is this:

    For those women who do not have children (for whatever reason), what kinds of things do you do to create a warm and inviting home? And do you have traditions in your home for just your self and spouse – i.e going to look at Christmas lights instead of visiting santa at the mallduring the holiday season, baking cookies for neighbors instead of your children, etc…..


  2. I don’t have a Blog myself – hope I can still participate! Here’s my question:

    Who do you miss the most? And why?

    Love reading your Blog, Mary!

  3. Ahh, the one thing on my mind–babies. Five weeks until the due date, so we’re busy getting everything ready.

    What advice or information do you wish you had received to prepare you for motherhood? Or, on the contrary, what advice do you think women soon to become mothers should not be given? Experiences are always welcome.

  4. Martina Fahrner says:

    What’s your biggest ethical turn off?

    People using handicap parking spots without being handicapped? People stealing your newspaper? What?

  5. I think sometimes in life we come across things that we believe that we can’t do or that we think we would never do. It may be something that we have seen on the news or TV, or just watching people do stuff in our day to day lives. As much as we would like to go on with what we feel comfortable with from day to day, life happens, and at some point, we are placed in a position where we MUST do that which we would have previously thought impossible.

    For example, I do not do well with blood and guts type stuff, but one time when I was in college, I happened to drop by to visit a friend who had been practicing juggling knives (don’t ask!) and had managed to put one right through the middle of his hand. Now I have been known to faint at just descriptions of medical-type stuff, but in this instance, it was up to me to wrap his hand in a towel and apply pressure. I tried to get help from a couple of others in the vicinity, but when they saw what had happened, they shut the door on us. It was up to me to walk him to the emergency room (we were on campus near a university hospital at the time), continuing to keep pressure on the wound and make sure he was doing okay at the same time. I didn’t even begin to feel the slightest bit faint until after I had placed him in the hands of the medical personnel at the hospital, and overall, I managed to do just fine.

    What have you done that you thought you could never or would never do, stretching yourself perhaps more than a little bit? Or on the other hand, have you ever walked away from a situation because you felt that it was going to stretch you too far beyond what you were comfortable with?

  6. Favorite holiday traditions – either Thanksgiving or Christmas. ‘Tis the season!!


    Most memorable holiday moment


    Favorite holiday recipe

  7. Larger families link is broken, I think. Is it this one?:

  8. My question would be:
    Where in your life do you create balance? Whether you are a Mom or Dad, if you work at home or out in the world, single or married I think we all find someway(s) to balance out our lives. This could be something else that you DO (hiking, reading, scrapbooking, etc.) or it could be something that you don’t do.

    For instance: I’ve been doing the dishes right after dinner because it seems to make the evening go smoothly. Tonight however my kiddo kept asking “Mommy play ball?” over and over. My first instinct was to try to hurry through the dishes but instead I went a played. It made me realize what I do all those dishes for anyway and I can never get those moments back. The dishes were still there 10 minutes later.

    My example is very specific to the moment but yours could be that you take a bubble bath at the end of each day or that you wake up early for that first cup of coffee in silence…

  9. How about, “what is the greatest challenge you faced today?” Or, “what is one of the greatest challenges you have overcome?” Though it’s the big, drama-filled hurdles that we pay attention to, sometimes those “big” ones are somehow easier than some of the smaller, even daily, ones. Might get some interesting answers.

  10. Hi, again. Posted my suggestion way over-tired last night. Let me better state why I think that might be an interesting question… Sometimes we face big challenges and there’s no choice but to just walk through them. It’s huge and difficult but, actually, there’s no way around and we’re just doing what we have to do, one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it’s the smaller challenges, in which we have more choice, that take more grit– like holding one’s tongue, for instance. Just for instance, you know…


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