Love Thursday

Playing with daddy

I’m so glad my kids have the kind of dad who will play with them in the leaves, even if it just took him half an hour to rake them up!

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  1. I promise I am not a creepy internet snoop, but I am dying to know what part of the country you live in! It is so picturesque. We don’t have any fall color or fertile gardens on the Tex-Mex border, so I am trying not to be covetous!!

  2. Aw, very sweet. What a great dad!

  3. Amen!

  4. I love this picture. Your new camera is awesome – the picture and the colors are so clear. The content is pretty attractive too (although the camera has nothing to do with that) 😉

    Happy Love Thursday!

  5. That looks like lots of fun!!

  6. Look at the huge smiles on all their faces! Priceless!

  7. That is a beautiful picture of some beautiful kids! And I enjoyed your Frugal Shopping trip!

  8. A big pile of leaves, a sunny Autumn day. Perfection!