Happy Fall!

…This afternoon we picked the last pumpkins out of the garden–a mere dozen or so. Also, hubby spent some time this afternoon raking leaves, after which he very generously called the little kids out to come jumping. A lovely golden afternoon….



  1. eldest daughter says:

    Weigh them! I’m sure that green one has the 32 pound record beat! Actually, it looks like most of them do!

  2. Your pumpkins are awesome, they make the ones around here look pretty wimpy:)

  3. Too cute! I just love fall (until it jumps right into winter)

  4. You have great pumpkins! We never have luck with pumpkins. We try every year and finally got 2 this year but the rotted by the end of september. :O( I love the leaf pictures! I think I am going to use some leaf pictures to make my Christmas cards this year.

  5. I LOVE autumn photos. All the colors are just wonderful.

    What a fun family you have.

  6. TOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Short sleeves? Our temp has really dipped. I’d LOVE to be outside and rake, but the wind is blowing so hard it’s not a good time. Sigh…

    Your pumpkins and CREW look GREAT! 😉

  7. Wow, you really got quite a few pumpkins. We tried one year, and I just think that I don’t have a green thumb. They are so big!!

  8. We tried pumpkins one year, but had no luck. I don’t think I have a very green thumb. You really got a lot and they are al pretty big…wow!

  9. Fall is the best time of year! Happy fall to you too! Love the pumkins.

  10. Great pics!

    By the way, did you announce how many jars you canned? I might have missed it and am really curious.

  11. I would love to see a picture of your garden. It must be huge!