Maybe a 12 step program?

Say you pad out to the kitchen in a bleary-morning haze, with your one year old on your hip. The only thing on your mind is your morning coffee fix, but as yet, you have not said a word.

You reach into the cupboard, and as your fingers wrap around your favorite coffee mug, your one year old says in a voice husky with longing, “Coffee!!”

Your big kids later confirm that yes, that IS indeed the first word out of your mouth most mornings, and yes, you do speak it in exactly the tone of desperation parroted so perfectly by your one year old.

Would that mean you are a coffee addict?


  1. LOL! Yes, I think this means that you are a coffee addict. That’s me too! But my first step in the morning is the fridge. I have to have my orange first, so I have the strength to make coffee!!

    (Actually, the OJ gives me the energy to prepare two breakfasts, and pack three lunchboxes, and then with great relief, I make the coffee)

  2. I don’t think so! A real addict has either a one-cup coffe machine next to the bed or a coffee machine with timer that is done when you enter the kitchen… I think you still have some wriggle room!

  3. Martina, How about a hubby who makes it for you so all you have to do when you reach the kitchen is reach for your cup with trembling hands and pour? hehe…oh, and we also have a machine with a timer….

  4. says:

    Yes, that is the only reason I get up in the morning — to get my coffee. (ha ha) I LOVE Ethiopian Sidamo. By the way, if you have time, click on over and meet my daughter — I finally figured out how to post pictures!!!

    Waiting for Iyasu

  5. I’ll try that again!! I’,m seriously technology impaired, as you can see!!

  6. What a brilliant child. She has got her priorities right. You have taught her well!

  7. My own daughters have parroted much more incriminating statements that have come out of my mouth in desperation. As far as first words go, I think ‘coffee’ is a great one to add to the repetoire!

    I’m certain that you are familiar with the bedlam associated with having three (or more) children under the age of five.

    My daughters are now seven, six, and three, so there’s less desperation in the morning. Yet the coffee addiction lingers…

  8. God has a great sense of humor – that he would allow us to see ourselves most clearly in our children. 🙂 Great story!

  9. OOO, I’m having dejavu. I’m sure that this could have been spoken at my house just a few times. :vD

    Yes , I think it means you looooove your coffee!

  10. I think it could mean that!! I know I’m addicted. If I don’t have my morning coffee, I get a splitting headache midway through the morning. Just gotta have it!!

  11. Welcome to the world of coffee addiction! Isn’t it incredible what our little perrots pick up from us?! I’m forever saying ‘For goodness’ sake’ in a very exasperated tone … so C has picked up ‘Sake’ …. in the same tone!

  12. Ooops … I meant parrots!


  13. Yup, that probably means you are an addict…..don’t worry, you are not alone!! And from a girl from a long line of (drug/alcohol) addicts, I’m really okay with coffee being my strongest addiction!

  14. When my kids were babies, they found the sound of the coffee grinder very comforting.
    This morning, Abel (9) asked if he could have a sip of my v. strong, black coffee. I nodded, and the monkey drank almost the whole cup! So that’s the danger of your addiction, having kids who will share it. Not to mention the danger of your kid drinking your coffee when you are the one who REALLY needs it. It wasn’t pretty.

  15. LOL! Is there any other kind of coffee drinker? It’s definately my drug of choice, for the mornings at least.

  16. When your four year old knows how to make your coffee, then you have a problem. 🙂

  17. Bwahahahahaahahaha.

    I say it internally for just that reason.

  18. 😀 This made my day. (Said she who has been smelling non-existant coffee for the last hour & 1/2)

  19. That is too cute. What a sweet little voice that must have been…:)

    But…I don’t even have to pour the coffee or say the words. My DH knows to just hand me a cup. 🙂