Will I have the cleanest house ever?

Doubt it. Not with mischievous munchkins like this one running around. But it won’t be for lack of Barkeeper’s Friend. After all the chatter about BKF on this post, look at the ginormous gift basket arrived today!!


Did you even know that Barkeeper’s Friend even made this many products? I sure didn’t! Thanks to everyone who added to the chatter that day.


  1. That is awsome. I saw Barkeepers at the store the other day and wondered if you had received your basket yet.
    Are you and your husband going to adopt any more children?
    If so where do you think it will be from?
    I hope you have a great evening with your family.
    God Bless

  2. How fun!! I am SO glad they took notice and so quickly responded. They definitely have my business for the future!

    Congratulations Mary, on another cool prize. Thrilled for you : )

  3. Barkeepers Bonanza! Wow!

    Happy cleaning.

  4. Wow! Congratulations!

    I signed up for the free sample. I am hoping it will work on my pots.

  5. Who needs a clean house wih such a cutie smile!

  6. YIPPEE!! They hooked you up!
    Looks like you choose the right day to post about BKF.

    Little girl looks adorable.

  7. Your little girl looks like she having a blast helping you unpack your basket! Very cool that you got such a huge basket of cleaning goodies! That could be me except with Swiffer and Oxyclean stuff.

  8. What a sweet girl~ How do you get anything done when looking at those cute kids all day anyhow? I have a hard time with my little one around, I am quite enamored of him! We adopted our little guy too, from here in Texas, and this Saturday will be one year since the day we first met him. I want many more too!! 🙂

  9. I can’t even find BKF. Safeway doesn’t carry it, neither does Target. I’ll keep looking.

  10. Such a cute photo and great gift basket!

  11. Mary dear, I have a question for you. As I was scrubbing my copper pots this morning I remembered that you had received some of the bar keepers friend copper products. How well does it work on the copper pots? I am so tired of scrubbing like crazy to get them nice looking but I can’t stand them looking dull. I was thinking of picking up some of the bar keepers stuff the next time I run to the store but I was wondering how well it worked. Have you tried it yet? I would love to know your results!