By The Numbers

0- the number of pictures I’ve been able to view lately on blogspot blogs. Heidi, Shawnda, Shana, and others–why are your pictures not showing up, peeps? To make it more upsetting, Shana currently has nursery pictures and Shawnda has a NEW baby! I must see photos!
2- the number of books I’ve bought on Amazon this month. (Ok, not true, actually I’ve bought 2+1, but I needed the three for this:
3-the number of hours it took one unnamed-but-intelligent child to do 1 easy lesson of math. Also the number of hours I tried more or less successfully to smile sweetly while repeating a gazillion variations of “Pay attention, honey” when really I wanted to beat my head on any nearby hard surface.
4- the number of boxes I have full of newspaper-wrapped green tomatoes in my garage right now.
5- the number of books-to-read currently piled in a precarious heap on my book stand printer next to my computer
6- the number of boxes of newspaper-wrapped onions I have in my garage right now.
7- the number of times I replaced the throw pillows on the couch today.
8- the number of cucumbers in my fridge right now.
11- the number of Christmas presents I’ve already bought.
12- the time it says on my clock right now, meaning I really oughta go to bed.
32- the number of pictures I took today.
54- the number of RED tomatoes hubby artfully placed on a table RIGHT outside my kitchen window so I ‘won’t forget about them.’ That I am definitely not canning. But that I probably will use in boatloads of spaghetti this week. (Eldest, now you know what to expect for dinner when you come home this weekend.)
88- the number of different people who commented on that one post last week.
100- the number of comments made by Brian (comment shower instigator #1)
140- the number of comments made by Sarah (comment shower instigator #2)
200- the number of words I still need to write for my other blog before I can go to bed.
318- the number of total dollars I spent on groceries last month.
540- the number of dollars I’ve spent on groceries so far THIS month. Ack! I’ll be lucky to stay under $700 at this rate.
?? And the number of jars in my pantry?? Not telling! Go guess if you haven’t already.


  1. $318 for the month! YOU ROCK!

  2. There are so many reasons I like you, but now I have 3, 7, 11 and 318.

  3. AAAGH, those throw pillows! Nobody actually puts them on the floor, mind you, but somehow they’re always there, aren’t they? Must be that “Not Me” imp from Family Circus, making his rounds cross-country! It’s the only logical conclusion.
    We also have #3-esque homework sessions frequently…

  4. Does that make me an overachiever? Or addicted?

  5. #3 had me laughing out loud imagininig you beating your head on a hard surface and the fact that I think we have all been there at some point. With my 4 year old it is the reading lessons aghhh!!

  6. Some more for you:

    29 – the number of people I e-mailed to ask them to comment on your WFMW blog entry
    33.333333333333333333333333333333333 – number of times they would have had to comment to get to 1000
    45 – approximate time in minutes it takes to go through your comment section and find e-mail addresses on your readers’ blogs
    91 – number of click-throughs that have come from your 3 blogs since I started my blog on Wed.
    103 – total number of click-throughs
    107 – number of “extra” times Sarah commented

    Speaking of missing pictures, since I joined wordpress, your title banner and your half face picture are missing. Pictures in the blog seem OK, so it’s not worth complaining to wordpress about.

  7. Fun post! Not sure why you can’t see my pics. I wonder if there’s anything I can do.

    With us the dogs play and knock off the throw pillows and my compulsive child brings them to me and expects me to be able to wash my chicken covered fingers AGAIN to “help” him put them back.

    The math lesson…yikes!

    32 pictures I can so totally relate, I just click away. I’m just grateful for digital!

  8. Posts like this are my favorite to read. I don’t know why. But they are.

  9. So it turns out its a Firefox thing (not seeing the banner), not a logged into wordpress problem. I can see them fine on Safari (logged in or not). I switched to Firefox weeks ago, so either I didn’t notice it wasn’t showing up, or something changed on or about last Wed, which is when I first noticed it.

  10. Love this post!

  11. Okay, how on earth do you spend so little on groceries every month?! I am not a junk food buyer, I cook from scratch, and we rarely eat out, and there are only six of us, but I feel great if I have spent under $700. I DO have an evil penchant for organics, though, and I can never resist things like good cheese and olives, so maybe that’s why….

  12. #7… You still replace them? Ours have become floor pillows.

  13. I have lived #3 so many time the past 2 weeks. It’s really hard to not let that really irritated and impatient sound creep into my voice as the hours pass by…….

    I don’t have a couch, I have floor pillows, really big ones, which makes it easier to clean up because I have become expert at kicking them all into the appropriate storage corner when I need them out of my way.
    Wish I could find a couch that fit my teeny tiny living room though.

  14. I’m glad other people have to replace the throw pillows a lot, too.

  15. Mary- Just thought I’d give you a little link…my good friend and her husband are begninning the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia! I shared your blog with her, so I thought I’d share her blog with you. It is….

    So, if you wouldn’t mind dropping by and saying hi that would be fab!

  16. 54 red tomatoes still? How many did you plant? Incredible. I got sick of canning, so I’ve been just skinning, chopping, and freezing them. Much easier.