To the person who found my blog…

…by typing “my toddler ate animal poop”–

Mine too.


Guinea pig.

Seems healthy enough so far.

How about yours?


  1. my son would catch moths and rip their wings off and then eat was left…..not animal poop but just as gross!!!!!!

  2. Ew!!!
    But oh, so funny!
    Thanks for the laugh

  3. YUCK!!
    The things we googled, lol!

  4. LOL@ the moth-eatin’ kid from the poster above.

    Toddler refusing to poop is the word at my house.

  5. Way too funny. We’ve gone toilet fishing, and then put stuff in our mouths over here, but not actualy eaten poop of any sort. Mind you, the creative little monsters have finger painted with it.

  6. Same here. Only cat poop, mixed with litter stuck to cat paw. I was able to dig it out of her mouth before it went down the hatch, though. Now, I am trying to teach my cats to wipe their feet before coming upstairs!

  7. You give me hope!

  8. ICK! She’ll probably always be suspicious of Raisinettes now…

    This lovely topic just reminded me of a funny moment from several years ago: A friend was visiting us with her 3- year-old. During a little tour of our apartment, my friend noticed her daughter’s gaze lingering on our cat’s litter box. “What is that, N?” she asked her daughter. “That’s what I DON’T eat,” she dutifully replied.
    I had no children of my own yet, so it made quite an impression.

  9. Yuk. Yup our son ate some dog poop awhile back. Talk about gag reflex (mine).

  10. I really shouldn’t have read all these comments while I was eating. =P

  11. ok gross

  12. Yuck! Oh, the joyous things I have to look forward to!

  13. See that’s why you need a dog — with a dog around there is no poop, no messes – where ever they come out of – to clean up… our “hoover” nearly saved us the diaper giny…

  14. Yuck.

  15. AHG! Yes, I can say I have experienced this also. I was just going to take a quick shower and was letting the baby toddle around the bathroom and my bedroom. Suddenly, terror seized me when I realized that I had not let our poorly house-trained, then inside dog (can you guess where she lives now?) outside yet. With a dripping body I rushed out to find my sweet, curly-headed child sink her teeth into a steaming log! I about died!! After I brushed her teeth/mouth with diluted Listerine, to make me feel better, I spent the next few hours searching the internet for signs of what was to come. Alas, I never found anything useful but she is now four, if that makes you feel better!!

  16. Yuck!

  17. Mary – The best part was when I took him to his 18 month well check and the MD said “Now do you have any questions?” “Well, not really. Well, maybe just one. He ate some animal poop but I’m sure you see that all the time so it’s not a big deal . . .”
    “Umm . . No Amy. We don’t see children all the time who eat poop from strange animals at the park”.
    Four stars for me that day.

  18. Don’t ever get a goat. Think guinea pig pellets in unbelievable quantity.

  19. BorderMama you take the prize!!!

    Guinea pigs poop is so small and dry I think that it hardly counts. My smallest one was forever digging in the cat box, scoopable litter becomes like concrete in the mouth, after scraping it out of a screaming toddler’s mouth a few times we put up a gate!!

    but dog poop!! Shudder

  20. We use goat poop mixed with sand for dirt round here, so all the toddlers eat it. Extra protein? I dunno. Me, I got served it once, but that’s another story…

  21. Sheep Poop Eating Kids' Mom says:

    Apparently sheep poop is like M&M’s – melt in your mouth, but not in your hands…My toddler son snagged one turd (think of this size of a black bean and then double it) and immediately ate it. They melt, (really) so you can’t get ’em out. Not to mention he’d take your fingers off if you were unwise enough to stick your fingers in his mouth. So, the pediatrician is supposed to give me a call this evening. I guess I’m just a bit concerned about worms. I’m sure they have some sort of dewormer for kids, right? ; )
    I’m still laughing at your blog, this is great!