Glad we cleared that up.

This evening after dinner I discovered boatloads of crumbs under the 4 year old’s chair. I told her she’d better come clean up after herself.

One of the 8 year olds came over to survey the damage and nodded knowingly. “This looks just like her room,” he said.

“No, it does not!” shouted the 4 year old indignantly. “My room is much bigger!”


  1. Oh my goodness – I needed that laugh this afternoon! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Too cute!!

  3. Too ardorable. I love the way they take everything so literally at that age! It’s refreshing!

  4. A quipster in the making. I like her!

  5. Frankly, she’s got a point.

  6. Don’t you love it when the older kids try to play Mom with the younger ones? How funny!

  7. what a hoot!! Ya gotta love the perspective of a kiddo!

  8. *smile*

    a very logical child

  9. ahahaha!!