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Do you have a porcelain sink that keeps getting black rub marks on it and you scrub like the dickens and STILL can’t get that black yuck off and it looks so bad that your hubby keeps threatening to buy a STAINLESS steel sink which you happen to hate the look of and what you really wish is that you could just get your pretty porcelain sink clean without an elbow like Hercules?

Two words, my friend.

 Barkeeper’s Friend

You find it in the cleaning aisle near the Comet in a Comet-like shaker can.  Except inside the can lurks ten times the power of mere Comet.   Get it.  You’ll love it.  Thank me later.

Thus ends this commercial.  Now if only I could talk them into sending me a free case of the stuff.

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  1. I threw up a hundres times each with both of my children. Not always in teh porcelian.

  2. Any hints on what to do when your kids throw up on the outside of your vehicle? I splashed water on it, should i attempt to clean it with Barkeeper's Friend?

  3. I'm guessing that stuff works anywhere. I so hate cleaning toilets.

  4. Seems like they just never get clean enough. And you notice it at the worst times.

  5. Like when you're throwing up.

  6. Why? You may there throw up on the outside of my vehicle? Good question…

  7. My son rolled down his window and upchucked all over the side of it. Thankfully not the inside. Bar Keepers Friend proabbly would have been no help there.

  8. Loved your blog! Can't imagine raising 8 kids! wow!!

  9. Hear hear Kelli. Never clean enough!
    Noticed at the worst possible times!

  10. I have a porcelain sink and I love it! I have those black rub marks too but I had come to accept them. I'll try Barkeeper's Friend. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Oh, I also have a big chip in my porcelain sink but I doubt there is anything to fix that. I was so bummed to find it within only weeks of installing it. Oh well.

  12. For Mary's thought on cleaning up puke; see here:

  13. Like Sarah, I've been spending a lot of time at the porcelain throne as well (morning sickness). That bowl could definitely benefit from a visit from Barkeeper's Friend.

  14. What does "an elbow like Hurcelus" look like?

  15. Is it that crusty, calluosed look?

  16. Cause if it is, then I need this product because I would not want to end up with elbows like that!
    Oh wait, to get callouses from cleaning, you actually have to clean.

  17. Mary, I can not even imagine how much you need to clean. Good thing you have great products like Barkeeper's friend!

  18. Thinking of you…
    Yesterday I went to the apple orchard. I have 1/2 bushel of apples.

  19. How many apples did you have again this year? Blessed to overabbundance, rings a bell. I need to go look and see if you had an applesauce recipe up.

  20. I think I'm going to need to go google barkeeper's friend and see if this blog is #1 for it yet. 🙂

  21. I found this…
    "Oh, and here’s how we spent much of the day– processing 2 bushels of apples into 24 quarts of applesauce….
    The two apple trees are still 3/4 full. Aren’t we blessed? My kids didn’t think so as they scrubbed peeled and sliced their way through a gazillion apples. But we are. "

    But no recipe. 🙁

  22. We're not even in the top ten yet. How is that possible?

  23. However, I found this link:

    Email them at that link and they'll send you a free sample.

  24. In a google search of "Barkeeper's friend blog" I found another person who really likes the stuff.

  25. I miss living in a place where apples grow.

  26. I grew up going to upstate new York to pick apples every fall. There's no place in Texas that's the same.

  27. On the search Barkeeper's friend blog you are number 10.

  28. In texas they have oranges and grapefruit.

  29. I remeber picking the grapefruit fresh while visiting my great-grandmother one year in Texas….good times.

  30. According to this home brew website
    Bar Keeper's Friend gets a 100% on responses.

  31. I particularly like this comment from KornKob from above mentioned site..
    "BKF does a great job of cleaning stainless including the stubborn scuffs, rust and oxidation that builds up on corney kegs."

  32. It appears that people out on the web…affectionately call it BKF.
    Makes sense.

  33. Did you win that eBay auction? lol!!! These comments are cracking me up!

    And by the way, Barkeeper's Friend should give you free product, I think you deserve it. Because I have a porcelain sink for the first time in my kitchen and I've been going mad trying to clean it -and I'm hoping Publix has some of the great product you keep raving about. And I'm going today to buy it.

    Thanks again for the tip.

  34. This comment is pretty funny too, when you think of it coming from a homebrewing man…
    "Makes stainless shine like new. It even helps replenish the protective layer that makes stainless steel 'stainless'. Use a soft sponge and your set. Easy to find in the cleaner section of most grocery stores."

  35. I just realized the above comment said "stainless steel"
    Now I definately MUST go out and buy some.

  36. I will have to look for Barkeepers Friend. Thanks for the tip!

  37. I used to have a stainless steel sink. It drove me crazy. Spots, spots, spots.

  38. Now I have a porcelain sink. I love it. I love cleaning it. I don't love scrubbing until I feel I have had my workout for the day!

  39. On to other things! I wish I lived close to you. I have about a bajillion and one questions to ask you.

  40. Holly- Sadly she did NOT win…
    Bidder: oskay paid $90 for it…
    He should have friend like Mary's instead.

  41. I just finished THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU last night. I will be starting it all over again tomorrow (or maybe today).

  42. I have already asked my hubs if we can move to Ethiopia. His response…

  43. …what would you eat there? So I am a picky eater!

  44. THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU is going to be his Thanksgiving read. I will be anxious to see what he thinks.

  45. One of the families she talks about lives here. I would love to meet them sometime.

  46. Much to ponder and pray about.

  47. LOL What would you eat in Ethiopia. I sort of feel like that too. I'm not fond of spicy stuff generally.

  48. However, the recipes Mary posted during the 30 days did sound interesting.

  49. It went for $90? I meant to go check and I forgot.

  50. Like Sarah said, who needs to win a contest with friends like us? 🙂