Works for me

Do you have a porcelain sink that keeps getting black rub marks on it and you scrub like the dickens and STILL can’t get that black yuck off and it looks so bad that your hubby keeps threatening to buy a STAINLESS steel sink which you happen to hate the look of and what you really wish is that you could just get your pretty porcelain sink clean without an elbow like Hercules?

Two words, my friend.

 Barkeeper’s Friend

You find it in the cleaning aisle near the Comet in a Comet-like shaker can.  Except inside the can lurks ten times the power of mere Comet.   Get it.  You’ll love it.  Thank me later.

Thus ends this commercial.  Now if only I could talk them into sending me a free case of the stuff.

 For more tips, check out Rocks In My Dryer.

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  1. Always had a stainless steel!

  2. Should I go out and get a porcelian sink AND Barkeeper's friend?

  3. I think you have one of the best blogs in the whole world!

  4. Unrelated to this post:
    I found this quote today and I thought of you!

    Mitch Hedberg
    "I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2000 of something."

  5. I have found these miraculous white sponges, made my Mr. Clean I think, and they get all marks off of my white sink.

  6. I don't think I could find BarKeeper's friend where I live 🙁

  7. Aren't you glad that you are done canning? It's such a chore, so worth it, but such hard work. I would love to taste some of that salsa!

  8. Sarah's right on, you have a great blog.

  9. You've mentioned that stuff several times, so maybe somebody will notice and actually will send you some for free.

  10. He wants a stainless steel sink in the kitchen? You should tell him you'd need a new stainless fridge to match. Those are expensive. Maybe he'd change his mind.

  11. I've heard such good things about this product I think I'll have to buy it. Oh, and the stainless steel sink? It might not get black marks…but take a look at your faucets and tell me how often you have to polish them. And your husband wants a whole sink made of stainless steel? Ha, ha, ha.

  12. hi olwhaven – just visiting your blog for the first time today, but so far i like it, you seem like a woman who has it together!

  13. i also think it is fun that you do these "works for me" wednesdays – i bet u help a lot of popele out!

  14. oh, and maybe you can do a survey for them of some sort or an advertisement or thell them how much u are already advertising them – and they'll give u some free product…..?

  15. I think by the end of the day we may be able to convince Barkeeper's friend to send you some…really!

  16. I finally went and checked out what this stuff is…..

  17. hi. i don't know you, but someone who wishes to remain anonymous told me i should check out your blog.

  18. i have to admit though, i have seen stained "stainless steel" sinks before.

  19. but this stuff sounds pretty sweet. much safer than the mixing of comet and something else that i used to do.

  20. i've found that ajax is a lot stronger than comet, too. so i suppose barkeeper's friend is even stronger than ajax. good to know.

  21. also, i thought i should metion that the name makes it seem a little . . . . dirty? i guess. when i think of bars, i think of a dirty, grimy building, and clean doesn't enter my thoughts. but i guess the point is that it can fiz even that amount of grodiness.

  22. Email contact for barkeeper's friend is
    I have already sent a comment, letting them know how much Mary raves about their product. My hope is get them aware of her willing plublicity and encourage them to send her some of their product.

  23. Thanks for this tip…I've never tried this…but I hate the nasty sinks!

    Thanks for sharing!


  24. Another mention of Barkeeper's friend.
    1. First is a spray called Clorox® : Clorox® Anywhere. This morning I used it to clean my counters, my sink, my kitchen window and my appliances. I liked that I could use it for anything, even my stainless appliances. (Supposedly you can even use it to clean bottles, but that idea wigs me out a little. Chemicals in a baby’s bottle? Ew!) It is very mild-feeling, almost like water, but did a good job cutting grease and shining windows. It did not get my porcelain sink as clean as my beloved ‘Barkeeper’s Friend.’

  25. I hate my stainless steel sink – I can't make it look new again =)

  26. Love the blog – how do yu mnage to make it interesting everyday? I'm lucky to update my blog a couple times a week – I think I need more kids to keep it interesting =)
    Help Meet to James for 9 Years
    Home School Mommy to 3
    Hoping to adopt #4

  27. I have a stainless steel sink

  28. I can't type worth a hoot – I need to check spelling BEFORE I press "submit" Jennifer

  29. I wish I had a porclein sink

  30. i don't know how to spell porcelin

  31. anyway, i have a stainless still sink and i don't like it

  32. my stainless steel sink gets white spots all over it

  33. the white spots are from hard water

  34. When your in the mood for canning again – some tips please – I want to can next year – where do I start.


  35. anyway, i can't get them to stop showing up

  36. some cleaners i use leave it looking murky

  37. i do like fly lady's method though

  38. first you clean your sink with bleach

  39. let the bleach set for an hour

  40. then later after it [the bleach smell] has gone away you clean the sink with windex

  41. you should probably wait like an hour inbetween the windex and bleach

  42. the two chemicals [windex & bleach] have deadly fumes together

  43. speaking of bleach do you know HOW MANY clothes I have ruined by cleaning with bleach and spilling it

  44. not to mention my carpet

  45. i need to do a works for me wednesday today.

  46. i keep forgetting

  47. I think Sarah's right. Surely by the end of the day there'll be some free product heading your way.

  48. Isn't a toilet porcelian??

  49. Maybe I do have need for it afterall.

  50. I got to know my porcelian thrones…all too well…with pregnancy.