Pottymouth mommy

 You know you’ve got to clean up your act–and your van– when you catch your 4 year old rooting around in the clutter on the floor of the van, tossing things over her shoulder and muttering, “I’ve got to get rid of all this crap!”

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  1. I’m ashamed to admit I’m worse than you!!! My dd is 19 months and she’s starting to copy everything we say. I am vowing not to let any bad words come out of my mouth.

  2. I must admit, when my 11 year old came upon a rattle snake in the yard yesterday, his first instinct was to let out an, “Oh Crap!!!”

    After he apologized for his language, I assured him that he was not in trouble because, under the same circumstances, I might have said something worse!

  3. My five year old (Catie) recently heard a bad word come out of another child’s mouth while on the playground at school. She went running for a teacher, of course, and whispered, “Johnny called me the ‘C’ word!” The teacher was outraged and called the boy over immediately. “What did you say to Catie?” My daughter spoke up before Johnny could answer, “He called me CRAZY! That’s a BAD word at my house!”

  4. Can I borrow your daughter for awhile? I needed some cheering up today and I’ll be she would be fun to have around!

    When oldest son was maybe age 8 or 9, he dropped something onto his bare toe, which caused the nail to get a blood clot under it.
    We didn’t have health insurance, and I knew it needed lanced, so I got a nail and heated it in the burner on the stove.
    I told him how to position his foot, what else to hold onto, and said
    “You can cry, You can scream, You can even Cuss……but don’t you dare move your foot!”
    While I was doing the procedure, he yelped a bit, and tears welled up, but he remained very still.
    As we were cleaning up, he asked if he did good.
    Oh, Yeah, I told him. Real good, and I hope the toe feels better now that the pressure was down.

    He went outside to where a friend was waiting.
    “My Mom told me I could cuss for just once. But even though it hurt like hell, I didn’t cuss, I just yelled a little.”

  5. oh Mary! I’m laughing but only because I’ve heard the word out of my 8yo mouth 2x this month….once because she heard me say it and once because she heard my best friend say it…

    And! since the house is all clean…why not the van next?

  6. Haha! Tha’ts funny and horrible at teh same time.

    I remember as a five year old repeating the words i heard my mother say, and one time she rebuked me for it. I replied promptly “But you say it all the time!” She told me that she wasn’t going to say it anymore, and now 12 years later I still have not heard her say that word since!

  7. It’s amazing what they pick up. When we moved to Minnesota (from TX, in December), we sat down with our 4 year old to watch Grumpy Old Men – a classic “up north” movie my husband loves. We quickly discovered the movie is much different with a 4 year old. It was especially evident when he started quoting the lines from the end of the movie while we were walking throgh Hoem Depot!

  8. OH, something similar happened to me this weekend. I almost passed out when my (almost) 5 yr old turned to me & said “Mommy, I’ve had it up to HERE with your attitude!” — complete with the hand held over his head. Ugh.

  9. When my oldest was born I was still working. Every morning, when my alarm went off on my watch, we knew we needed to be headed to the car in order to be on time. Well, everytime we weren’t headed to the car, I said, “Oh Crap”! I didn’t realize how much a problem this was until at 18 months or so everytime she heard a watch alarm – wherever we were- she would yell “Oh Crap”! That took awhile to break!!

  10. LOL!

    It’s always funny around here when one of the little ones will say that such-and-such used the “s” word or of the “h” word because I know that she/he said “hate” or “shut-up!”

    My oldest daughter asked if she could use the word “crap” when she was around her friends because they use it. I told her that she knew how we felt about that word at home but it was up to her and her conscience to decide whether or not to say it when she’s with her friends. She didn’t like that answer.

  11. Uh oh, that’s not good. I have had to watch the way I use that word around my house, too. It’s funny just how much they pick up on. I heard my five year old say Dang-it the other day : )

  12. Oh, thats is soooo true.
    A few years ago when we were moving cross country, many of our family and friends came over to help move us out. From the dozen or so helpers the words “what are you going to do with all this sh*#?” and “who’s sh*# is this?” resonated often and freely. It started to become a joke among us.
    When we pulled away from the house for the last time, my 5 year old asked…”daddy, isn’t sh*# a bad word?” I answered, “yes it is”….he said, “then why do so many adults say it?”….it was a priceless moment for me to be sure. One that still makes me laugh today.

  13. Kids are like sponges soaking everything up around them, and that can be such a bad thing sometimes! My 2.5 year old has heard us say “dangit” before (even though we try not to), and recently she dropped something and YELLED the word! Just terrible. So we try to be REALLY conscientous now!!!!

  14. yes indeed.

  15. Too funny! I say crap all the time, but I don’t really hear my kids say it. And that’s the worst word I use, so I guess I’m doing okay.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I have only said this word a few times and always thought that I was saying it under my breath….da*% it!! Until one day when we were in WalMart and my 4 year old wanted a ball very badly, she set it down to look at something else and a teenager walked by and picked it up. My 4 year old turned to get the ball and seen the older girl walking away with it and said that da*% girl took my ball!! I thought I could die right there, but a little part of me could hardly keep from laughing. Needless to say, we had a long talk on the way home.

  17. Andrea Payne says:

    The other day at school one of my students called another child poo-poo head. We had a long discussion on “Bathroom talk” and how it was not appropriate for shool. This cute little boy walked over to me and in the most sweet little voice said ” A**hole is a bad word too, and we are not suppose to say it either.” It was hard not to laugh.

  18. LOL!
    When Doodles was about three he said, “If you don’t clean this house, I will.”

  19. FOr a while with my first I was using sh*t fairly often, until I heard him practising it, with several different inflections in his room one day. I told him that it wasn’t a good word to use, and mommy shouldn’t be using it either. He wanted to know what it meant so I told him it’s the angry word for poo.

    Now he’s at the age when poo is the funniest word imaginable and I am going nuts, good thing I stopped using the other.

  20. LOL…yeah it really does sound worse when they say it back.

  21. when my oldest goddaughter was just at a year old her mom called me all excited telling me jade was saying ‘what is it?’ i flew down for her birthday and her mom kept asking me if i had heard her say it yet. i hadn’t. finally one afternoon jade dropped something, pointed at it and spoke. her mom said, ‘there, she said it, you heard heard her say … is it?’ well, we are all very southern, and the baby was just putting two syllables in a one syllable word. sh*t became sh *t? with a little questioning sound behind it because she wanted it picked up! that i had been hearing all week! I then very quickly pointed out that i only put one syllable in it and she was obviously saying it long before i arrived on the scene!

  22. Oh my! I hear you on this one!

  23. Super funny! I’ve heard my little ones saying, “crap” a few too many times, as well. Something to work on.

  24. Sarah Mullin says:

    I love it, Mare! I can just imagine it. Love and hugs to all my neicies and nephies!