Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses asked us to list our best reads.  I had a hard time narrowing it down, and I have actually loaned out two of my very favorite.

My heap:

The Bible (this copy is my dad’s, complete with his notations)

Book Proposals That Sell by Terry Whalin

Firstborn by Robin Hatcher (my token nod to fiction)

Shackleton’s Stowaway- a wonderful young adult novel about Shackleton’s ill-fated trip to the South Pole.

The Ditch-Digger’s Daughters-a true story about an uneducated Black man who inspired his daughters to extraordinary success.  I’ve read this 3 or 4 times.

Twelve Part Harmony– the true story of a family with 12 children, most of whom were adopted. I read this repeatedly.

Building The Bonds Of Attachment by Daniel Hughes-excellent book about helping older-adopted children settle in to the family.

Hungry Planet -I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me rave about this book.

There is No Me Without You by Melissa Faye Greene. Ditto on this one.

Charlotte Mason Companion-a good book about homeschooling

Creating The Not So Big House- a beautiful book about well-designed small(ish) homes.  Hubby and I have thumbed through this book many times.

The two I can’t find are:

Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld, a great book about the importance of keeping a strong relationship with your children.

Attaching In Adoption by Deborah Gray-my very favorite adoption-related book ever.

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  1. I once met the author of The Ditch Diggers Daughter and have a signed copy of her book. It was very interesting. Stephanie @ &

  2. hi. i've just found your blog recently through pioneer woman's anyway…i was just wondering if you recieve ABOVE RUBIES it is a Christian 'mag' i think you'd really enjoy.

  3. All I can say is, Melissa's "There is No Me Without You" is one of the greatest books I have EVER read. I am so anxious for everyone I know (well and don't know!) to read it!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, I love "Hungry Planet"…I just picked it up recently. It was an extra bonus to find recipes!

  5. I love Susan Susanka's books! My hub is an architect and he loves what she has done. We used many of the ideas in our house that we may build….someday.

  6. "book proposals that sell"?? Are you writing a book, Mary? With all that spare time you have…

  7. I'm going to have to look into a lot of these–thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I really like Charlotte Mason Companion! Excellent read.