30 Days of Nothing-Day 28

Well, my hubby helped me make up my mind about my haircut.  First thing out of his mouth when he saw it was, “Wow, you look young!”

 What better thing could a 39 year old hear?  So, yeah, I like it. And him.


Breakfast was peanut butter toast and OJ.  I must have the oddest kids in the world.  They will eat all sorts of exotic foods enthusiastically, but give them peanut butter and they gripe like I’m trying to poison them.  Ah well.   I think it’s only the 2nd time I served peanut butter all month.

 Lunch was tomato/cheese melts, cucumbers and apple crisp.

Dinner was hamburger zuchini stirfry over rice, plus grapes.

Today I bought milk and eggs ($10), bringing my grocery total for the month to $318.  I decided I’m going to keep an eye on my October grocery bills too.  I won’t be giving daily updates, but I’ll let you know what my total for the month is.   I am curious to see how bad it will be, given the fact that I am running out of so many things all at once.

This evening I went to a ‘Black’ haircare seminar that I will be blogging about in the next few days over on my Ethiopia Adoption Blog.  The stylist evaluated my daughters’ hair and recommended products that might work well for their hair.  

So, yeah, I dropped some cash: $29 to be exact.  Not exactly a purchase I intended to make this month, but the salon is 45 minutes from my home, and I am really curious to see if these products will be helpful.  Anyway, for more details on that you can check my other blog over the next week or so.

Two more days– hip hip hooray!

Oh, and here’s my parting shot– my one year old holding the zuchini that hubby found in our garden today.  We ate only HALF of it at dinner tonight!

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  1. That is a gigantic zuke! My word. And your hair does make you look younger. I was thinking the same thing. It continues to inspire me to read about this month you're having. Thanks for keeping the updates coming.

  2. That is an awesome picture! I grew up in an Italian neighborhood where everyone shared the boundy of their gardens and that kind of zuchinni was not uncommon. In fact, there were times when you saw your neighbor coming with a basket of zuchinni, you might pretend not to be home! 🙂

  3. Wow! That is a huge zuchini!

    I am amazed at your grocery bill for the month! We spent much more than that on my little family of four.

  4. that is a MONSTRUOUSLY large zuke! Do you have a good zucchini bread recipe? I need one very badly….

    Suz http://suzannebalvanz.blogspot.com/

  5. Holy zucchini! If I found something like that in my garden (if I had a garden), I would be afraid it had legs.

  6. Oh, and I wrote my final 30 Days post today.

    30 Days of Gratitude

  7. Whoa!! You should have hollowed it out and made a little boat for her to ride in! LOL!! I always thought if they got that big they weren't good for eatin' anymore?

  8. Wowzers! Holy zucchini, Batman! That's one huge vegetable!