Day 27- What would you do….

…if you were totally incredibly bored? 
 Would it ever occur to you to whip out a scissors and whack off 4 inches of hair?  Yourself?  Then beg your 16 year old to come help you fix it. 

Then stare at yourself in the mirror for an interminable amount of time, flipping your head repeatedly and telling yourself, yeah, you really do like it.

 Yeah, I really do like it.  I think.

Guess that’ll teach me to be bored.


So, yeah, the day was boring.  No shopping.  Actually the self haircut was in response to my realization that after this month I’m NOT going to be able to stomach paying a beautician to do my hair. 

This is not terribly surprising, since I have gotten exactly two professional haircuts in my entire life (officially making me the strangest person you know.)

But before the month began, my 16 yo and I HAD been talking about splurging and getting our hair cut together, which still sounds like fun.  Except this month has gone and ruined it for me.  Darn.  In a good way.

Anyway.  Meals.

Breakfast was polenta and toast, which everyone enjoyed way more than yesterday’s millet cereal.

Lunch was homemade chicken noodle soup with cabbage and tons of ramen noodles.

Dinner will be a casserole from the freezer–chicken enchiladas, I think.  Thankfully we still have salsa, sour cream, AND a dab of cheese.  Plus spicy cucumber salad and an apple crisp from the LAST of the imperfect apples.  Hooray.

And double hooray that we’re almost done with this month. 

And triple hooray that hair grows…even though I like it…

I think.

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  1. I am overdue, I have not cut mine since last September. Can we say split ends? and frugal? Yup that me.

    It looks very nice!

  2. I like it.

    I'm too chicken to ever cut my hair on my own. Doesn't seem like it should be that hard but I couldn't do it. But you did a good job.

  3. I love your hair. It has been fun seeing your costs this month and realizing that I too could get away with a lot less spending. By the way, chicken enchiladas seems to be in the air. That is exactly what we are having along with black beans and spanish rice. Yum!

  4. Mary I think your hair looks great! The only time I chopped a bunch of my own hair off was when I found out I'd gotten lice from Yosef and Biniam. It was awful, it was unfixable, so I had to go get it fixed (but they don't charge an arm and a leg thankfully.) I don't think I'll ever touch my own hair with scissors again, I'm just not good enough. But yours looks wonderful!!!

  5. Your hair looks great, Mary. Gotta watch out for those bored days. Last time that happend to me I chopped off 10 inches and donated it to locks of love. A good cause, but I miss my hair.

    Fortunately, it's growing. Slowly, but growing.

  6. Your hair looks fine, so full and pretty.

    Since my hair is fine and thin and straight (just like my mother and grandma's) I can't do much with it.
    Every three months or so, I ride my bicycle up the road to the beauty college to have somebody cut my hair above my ears.
    The charge is $5, including shampoo, and I figure if a student can learn to cut and tame my cowlicks, everybody is a winner.
    and it Always Grows Back!

  7. I think it looks great =) I need one too!

  8. I think it looks great!

  9. Ooo! I like it a lot. It looks great. Very hip and breezy. You go.

  10. Looks great!

    I just have one question, how do you have such wonderfully healthy looking hair and have only had 2 professional hair cuts. Please don't tell me you've been doing it yourself…? Please do tell because that is seriously a lot of money to save!!!!!!!

  11. I think it's pretty!

    I love how you had your 16 year old help you fix it. I wish my mom let me do her hair!

  12. LOVE your cut! It's so charming on you!!!!

    Haircuts? Had many, many,many pro cuts 'cause my hair is ultra thick and even professional struggle getting it right…me do it? Neva!

    Living here in the state I love versus Southern Cal? Well, down there it was easily 75 plus tip for haircut/blowdry…

    Here? Less than 1/2 that with the tip! And I have a stylist I LOVE!

    So….I'm saving at least 75 a year just by living here! (yes usually only 2 cuts a year!) Whoo Hoo!

    Still love your cut…it's sooooo good on you!

  13. It's cute! Surely you will have to flirtatiously toss your hair back with a flip of your head much more frequently now!

  14. I do that to my hair all the time and ask my 16 year old to come trim the back. (the back is the tricky part!) But it feels soooo nice after getting it done by a pro….it really is different…something about those scissors…or maybe that water they spray on it…?

    It looks nice though. =) And I'm enjoying reading your blog on the 30 days so much.


  15. You look great 🙂

  16. I like your new "do"!

    I get my hair cut about twice a year. I just can't handle shelling out the money more often than that!

  17. I've only paid for two professional haircuts in my entire life too! ")

  18. The cut looks darling and totally something I'd do for myself. I have a terrible time paying someone else an exorbitant amount of money — only to leave utterly displeased with the look someone else thought was "perfect" for me.

    Your month has really been an inspiration to me. I'm anxious to see how this month plays itself out long term for you and your family. I'd like to try it sometime, too.

  19. I like it!

    My first salon cut in almost a year was last week. Prior to that I;d wait until I got a wild hair, and snip away.

  20. I love it, too!

  21. I like it! And I confess this is partly b/c I have almost the same haircut. Done in almost the same manner (my roommate, in my kitchen, on a whim). For almost the same reason (needed an emotional release after moving, but didn't want to spend $50 or so, on a fancy haircut).

    I freaked out a bit, b/c it was a good 10 inches off. (Couldn't find a Locks of Love place in my town) But, I'll tell ya, I've gotten a lot of complements on my home-made haircut.

    And yes, hair grows!

  22. I used to get my hair cut professionally, but when I quit work I quit the spending. Now I go to one of those huge cheap chains every three months or so. My hair looks the same as when I spent the big $$$…

    Yours looks cute..:)

  23. Well I like it too, but I can't believe you cut your own hair. Wow. And only 2 pro haircuts in your life? Who usually does it? Since your hair wasn't ankle-length, I assume you do get hair cuts.
    Me, I'm cheap but I believe in the professionals. In the US, I go about once a year. I have curls, though, and a bad haircut looks terrible on me. It's worth the money. I get a good haircut, short, then a year later I have long hair and get it cut again. Here, it onlycosts $10 or so to get a decent haircut, so I get it done more often–like twice a year.
    Can't stand the cheap chains. Took Elliot (who also has curls) there this summer and wasn't impressed.

  24. I know this post was from ages ago, but I just wanted to say thanks, it made me feel much better! Until Thursday I had shoulder length hair, and now it's about an inch long. I keep telling myself that God loves me whatever my hair looks like, as does my dog, who really doesn't care as long as I walk her! This is only beaten in the hair-mistakes-stakes by the time I let my friend shave my hair to 6mm all over. Aargh! I'm going to a professional tomorrow to see if it can be sorted out so that I don't look like a spring onion. But then a profession did this in the first place (although in all fairness, only because I asked her to). Your home haircut was definitely a greater success than my salon one!