Day 24

Wow, day 24.  It’s starting to feel like the month is picking up speed, now that we’re so close to the end.  I haven’t actually started writing down all the things we’re out of, but several times I’ve begun my list mentally, then stopped myself. 

Breakfast was cornflakes and apple muffins.  The cereal is almost gone.   But you know what?  We COULD live without cereal if we had to.   Since we homeschool, we have time to cook most mornings, and a cooked breakfast ‘sticks’ better than cereal anyway.

This noon we had leftovers instead of our usual tradition of after-church hamburgers and fries.   There were 4 different things to choose from, so no one felt too deprived.  But I do enjoy having the after-church meal be a no-brainer.  Rain or shine, we barbecue.  I think it is fun to create rituals like this with the kids too. So I think next Sunday we’ll be back to the regular tradition.

For dinner, since I had lots of hot dogs and no buns, I made ‘pigs in blankets’, wrapping homemade bread dough around the ‘pigs’. 

(When I told my 4 year old I was making pigs in blankets, she looked aghast, and, thinking she had misheard me, she said, “What??”

The 8 year old explained, “You know, hot dogs wrapped in bread.”

She looked relieved.  “Oh, I thought you said pigs in blankets!”)

The homemade bread is much more filling than wimpy store-bought hot dog buns.  But of course it was about a half-hour time investment. So I doubt I’ll be avoiding the bread store anytime soon.

Also with dinner we had fresh tomatoes and rice pudding, which I had never made before, but which was a great use for some leftover rice.  It turned out to be ridiculously easy and very good. That recipe is a keeper.

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  1. Hi Mary, Thought that I should comment instead of just lurking around your blog! I have really been challenged by your 30 days of nothing. It has made me realize that we most often have more food on hand than I realize. You know, “I have GOT to go to the store, we haven’t got ANYTHING to eat”. It’s not often true in my house. Also, I have realized that having a weird meal every now and then in order to use things up is okay as are really cheap meals. Anyway, I am thinking that we can scale down our grocery budget and give that money away. It is a great way to teach our kids too because food is such an area that effects their lives. So, thanks for sharing this experiece! A quick question, how is it that you came across the post on our blog that mentioned you? Just curious.


  2. When I grow up I want to be YOU.

  3. Hello again Mary!! 🙂 LOL I swear your eventually going to NOT want me here! LOL But I guess you could say I look up to ya… I can only hope to finally get on track and make more of our meals homemade. I’ve made a good start, since finding you! LOL I finally went to the orchard today (with my son who will be turning two on the 30th in the pouring rain ) & will be making apple crisps tomorrow. But now I wanna know your recipe for homemade bread? is it with a bread machine? or with out? do endulge me in your wonderful recipes! (Shhh im not kissing butt) LOL Thanks girlie girl! I love your 30days of nothing its great..

  4. oh I just might miss the 30 days of nothing when they are all done…but then again…I always love anything you post…

  5. i can’t believe you’re going to make it!

    your food always sounds yummy, BTW.

  6. I LOVE reading your posts on 30 Days of Nothing. After my 30 Days of Peace, I may try “Nothing”, too.

    We’re kind of inadvertently giving it a go in the food department, though. I just don’t like food shoping. I DO like to clean out the cupboards of the “extra” food I had forgotten about. When the cupboards are almost empty, we say the Cupboard Bear has visited. 😉

  7. Mmm… I want to try that rice puddint recipe. Did you see this?


  8. Congratulations.

    Make sure you read today’s entry on my blog.

  9. Mary, on your mom’s pudding recipe is that 1/2 c. of UNCOOKED rice instead of cooked (since it is going in the oven to bake? That sounds too yummy…I have to try it.

  10. I did the stovetop recipe– they aren’t my recipes, so I am not sure if the oven-bake one would use raw rice but it makes sense to me.

  11. Maybe you could have told her you were having hogs in quilts!!

  12. Hi Mary,

    I am becoming addicted to your blog. I would like to know how you make the bread, too. I see you use homemade bread all of the time. I’ve been pondering buying my first breadmaker . . .

    sherry in oregon!

  13. giggle– as I mentioned privately to the other person who asked, I am no bread expert! My bread almost always falls flat– even when I use my bread machine! I mostly stick with pizza dough and other flat breads!

    Sorry to not be more help!