Day 23/ 30 Days of Nothing

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 Quiet day today. Hubby and 3 of the big kids went up to the mountains to gather one last load of firewood. Funny how it can feel quiet with ‘only’ 5 around.

 No shopping today. Along with many other things, we are getting low on butter and cheese, but we still have plenty of meat, rice, flour, and pasta.  I’m feeling like we’ll make it easily now;  only a week left.

One of the things I bought the other day, after going without for 3 weeks, was scouring powder.  Oh, I am glad to have that again!!!  My porcelain kitchen sink shines once again– yeah!

For breakfast we did migas and apple muffins. 

Lunch was braided bread with cheese in the center, cookies, and apples.

 Dinner was Ethiopian cooking: injera, shiro, and lentil stew, with sour cream on the side.  Yum.  As I served dinner,  my 18 year old came downstairs, sniffing with satisfaction, and said, “Mmmm… real food!” 

Apparently her college does not offer Ethiopian food on the menu.

One of the really amazing things about the apple inundation is that we all still really like apples.  In the thick of applesauce making, we were still snacking as we sliced.  Even with all the various incarnations of apples I serve at mealtimes, the kids still grab apples for snacks in the afternoon.  What a blessing!

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  1. It’s amazing how excited we’re all getting about the month almost being over! It has been tough but I hope it’s been as rewarding for your family as it has been for me. Now excuse me while I go find out what Migas are!

  2. Speaking of apples, have you ever had a Honey Crisp apple?? Our local farmers market gets them sometimes and they go fast!! Delicious I love them. I wish I had the space to can like you, way to go:))

  3. Would love to add you to the Adoption Blog Central or to have you join the parents panel at The Adoption Think Tank