As promised, here is the picture of my pantry. To get an idea of the quantities, the jars are stacked 3 deep. Each shelf holds about 33 quart jars. I stack most of my pint jars two high. Hardly looks like 30 days of nothing, does it? We are blessed.

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  1. Wow! That is really impressive. I keep thinking I should start a garden, but I know I wouldn’t put in all that hard work. Good job!

  2. Wow! Look at all those jars!!!

    I don’t know if I’m more jealous of that great homemade applesauce or the size of that pantry!

  3. You are very blessed. I wish my pantry looked like yours. I wish I even had a pantry! 🙂

  4. Hey, think about it this way; you made a decision you felt like the Lord wanted you to make (30 days of nothing), and He has blessed you abundantly for that obedience! How about that!? We really *can’t* out-give God!

    I’ve been following the 30 days thing with great interest…I would like to do it in October, but waiting to see what Dh thinks of it.

  5. Now you’re making me wish I still did canning!

    Every year I would claim I loved it, but once in the midst of it called it “Fruit Torture.”

    Still, I loved the pretty jars all in a row….tangible results! So good for a mommy!

  6. DollyMama– “fruit torture”– I can totally relate. I love canning– but only *after* I am done with it and just get to look at it! In the midst of it, I always question WHY I want to do this!! You should see my sticky kitchen floor right now! Gack!!

  7. Oh, MY WORD … Are you superwoman??? Yes, I think you are!

  8. P.S. — Think of the MONEY you could make by selling your deliciously canned food!

  9. That is absolutely beautiful. This picture alone should take an award at the county fair! Yet, I am sure with a family the size of yours it doesn’t take much time at all to put a huge dent in that storehouse of yummies.

  10. Congratulations for a canning job well done!
    Don’t they just look so pretty all lined up like that!

    I don’t think you could sell your work. The health department frowns if something gets done without approval.
    It doesn’t seem to matter that I am FoodService Certified, our church Relief Sale has volunteers doing all kinds of busywork to stay up with the codes.

  11. I love the results more than the actual work involved with canning, too. 🙂

    Okay, I saw the ribbons on the shelf….What did you win, and what for at the fair??

  12. Congratulations, that is a LOT of canning. Isn’t it the best feeling and the tastiest in the middle of winter to go “shopping” in your pantry?

  13. i am in awe.

  14. I am seriously impressed by your pantry! What a wonderful stash for the winter months!

  15. Canning is a lot like childbirth, isn’t it? You forget just how much it hurts until you’re in the middle of it, but when it’s all over–aren’t the results wonderful??

  16. Canning is a lot like childbirth, isn’t it? You forget just how much it hurts until you’re in the middle of it, but when it’s all over–aren’t the results wonderful??

    BTW, you’re shelves look GORGEOUS!

  17. wow.. I don’t even know how to do any of this! let alone GROW my own food… I am so jealous.

  18. I wish I lived closer to you to learn how to do this. I checked books out of the library but, not knowing ANYTHING, I think it is something you need to hear/see first.

  19. I’ll go with 480. I didn’t even look at the other guesses first. Hope I didn’t land square on top of someone.


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