Day 22- and misconceptions

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Today was a very good day because I did not can anything. 

Hubby has concocted a plan to use the rest of the apples,  involving HIM (hooray!) filling the food dehydrator twice daily.  Thus he plans to deal with two dozen apples per day. 

We have two bushels wrapped up in a cool corner of the shop for eating in the next months, 1/2 a bushel in the fridge, and one less-than-lovely bushel on the back porch (earmarked for the dehydrator).  So it’s looking more manageable.  I haven’t yet summoned enough nerve to look in the garden to see what is left there.

Meals Today 

Breakfast:  Apple cinnamon oatmeal, OJ

Lunch: Chili, biscuits, applesauce.

Dinner:  Chicken and veggie stir fry over rice, cookies.

No shopping, no book cravings.  We actually got a good day of school done today– only our 3rd school day this week.  The beauty of homeschooling is that we can catch up later as we need to.

Weeks like this are one of the reasons I ALWAYS make sure my kids are ‘ahead’ of their grade level in math.  That way the pangs of guilt are not so fierce when real life intrudes on our schooling.

Speaking of real life, I’ve gotten lots of comments lately alluding to everyone’s perception that I am some sort of supermom.  


We are blessed.  Absolutely.  But as I’ve shared with some people privately this week, life is NOT perfect here. And the last thing I would want is for you to be distressed over your own life after reading about mine.

So here is reality.

This evening I walked into the bathroom to discover a snarl of 5 towels and 3 half-unreeled rolls of toilet paper stuffed next to a none-too-clean toilet.

My ceiling fan hosts a whole dust bunny on each fan blade. Please click on picture to enlarge if you don’t believe me.

I’ve made my bed once this week.

My kitchen floor is sticky enough to pull your flipflops right off your feet.  

On four different occasions today, two of my kids fought fiercely over rights to the ‘best’ corner of one of our couches. 

My baby woke up this morning dreamily and cheerily whispering, “Stupid…stupid.”  (A ‘bad’ word at our house and she knows it!)

 Far from perfect. But that’s just life.

I think we all have to decide what is highest priority to us, let the rest go, and not beat ourselves up too much about what we percieve other people’s lives to be.

I could go on, but the truth is Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses just wrote a wonderful post on this very topic.   Go read.  I couldn’t have said it better.

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  1. There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to raising a family, Mary. I read Carmen’s post and commented there. It was great and I agree 100%.

  2. I LOVE the idea about drying the apples. I’m going to volunteer to do that for my neighbor.

    Going on to read the post you’ve suggested. Sounds like something I’ve been thinking about lately, too.

  3. Stupid, stupid… I often wake up muttering that myself. And not always cheerily.

    (And I hope you don’t mean to say that you ever actually stop the ceiling fan to dust, except for the twice-yearly switch of direction from cooling down to warming up. Because people don’t do that. Do they?)

  4. You know Mary…I think because I know you in person, the fact that your family is NOT perfect and you deal with the same things I deal with makes me love you all the more. I have no misconceptions as to whether or not you are supermom. You have alot on your plate, but you do, just like you said, concentrate on the important things. If I thought you were perfect, I don’t think we could be friends! heheheheheee! But you are an amazingly wonderful person and being labeled Supermom does not indicate perfection, it indicates traits most women would like to imitate!

  5. Mary, I do still think you are supermom! You seem awesome, and I love your subtle humor. That is too, too funny about the baby. But it certainly doesn’t convince me you are not at least partially superhuman to do all that canning, this incredibly awesome blog and the other great blog(s), plus raising such adorable and successful kids. Nevertheless, thanks for the humility.

  6. Mary, posts like this are exactly the reason we all love you! 😉

  7. I discovered my 2 year old rubbing peanut butter all over the tapestry pillows from my couch. And as for the ceiling fan, I stopped mine momentarily, only to see the dust bunnies, quickly reversed the fan and turned in right back on. Whew – that was a close one!

  8. Thank you for posting this and the link. It’s great timing. I have been feeling frustrated with the lack of getting things crossed off my list lately. It was going to be my next blog entry. Thanks for reminding me that we’re all similar and we have similar struggles.

  9. I linked you post with my new entry. I hope you don’t mind.

  10. Adding my thanks to you as well Mary. That was a much needed perspective adjustment. It is so easy to fall into the pitfalls and forget you are not the only one. Thank you and for the link. Krina


  1. […] This morning I was up before my family, reading my favorite blogs, and I found that Mary at Owlhaven has an entry up about misconceptions of moms.   She writes about what’s really going on in her house verses what outward appearances seem.  She then links another blog, Mom to the Screaming Masses who writes about the same thing.  […]