Day 21. Resolve… slipping…

Worst day of shopping all month.  I spent–hold on to your hat– $32.

–$24 at the grocery store (sugar, canning rings/lids, milk, eggs, scouring powder)

–$8 at the thrift store.

 I stopped in to check to see if they had canning jars.  They had only 5, but they were 5/$1.  Good deal there.  I also spotted about a dozen square freezer containers with lids that will work for applesauce or maybe salsa. 

Then, feeling weak, I looked at the baby shoes.  The one year old has outgrown all her play shoes, and I was tickled to grab her a sturdy pair of pink and white tennies for only $1.

Then feeling weaker, I checked for jeans for my 4 year old.  (Her last winter’s jeans are looking like capris, she’s grown so much.)  Bingo– found her an adorable pair for $3.   I beat a hast retreat, while the damage was still less than $10. 


 The grocery portion of my spending was $13, bringing our grocery costs for the month to $298.

Today was another nutty canning day:  24 quarts of grape juice and 20 quarts of applesauce. My feet hurt. This morning before I ran to the store I managed to use up every trace of sugar in the house: brown, white, powdered, AND corn syrup.  It was ridiculous!

Our meals today:

Breakfast:  Eggs, toast, OJ

Lunch:  chili, crackers, apples.

Dinner:  homemade mac & cheese with hot dogs, apple crisp.


One really nice thing happened today.  I got to meet an internet friend who turns out to live not far from me.  I brought her some apples because she said she could use them.  And then it turned out she had some extra canning jars.  So we made a nice swap and had a fun visit! (Nice to meet you, Tammy!)

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  1. Hey thanks for mentioning our visit! I so truly enjoyed getting to meet you and chat! What a joy you are in real life as well as in our pseudo-world here!

    Tomorrow will be our “cooking” day! Can’t wait to slice them apples!!!

    Thank you so very much, again, for bringing them to us!

  2. p.s. You look WAAAYYYY younger in person than your photos have reflected here! You are so darling!

  3. I lost it in the thrift store yesterday too- but came away for under 10$ so I’m not punishing myself too bad! It was half price day…..hard to resist- the good thing was I did purchase only what we needed-

  4. How do you make your homemade mac & cheese? My husband loves the boxed stuff, but the idea of what goes into those sauce packets leaves me cringing. Every time I try to make mac & cheese from scratch it turns out pretty disgusting.

  5. That’s a great deal you found at the thrift store! I don’t think you went crazy or anything… just got what you needed.

    It’s nice to meet a new friend, isn’t it?

  6. Wow! Your 30days of nothing is going wonderful! Now if I could just learn how to make some of this wonderful stuff you make I’d be fine. There is 5 total in our house and Im always trying to figure out dinner, & breakfast for that matter. But one question, whats your recipe for apple crisps?