Things I wonder

Could someone possibly explain to me why the #1 search parameter for my blog, day after day, all this week has been the letter ‘t’?

 Does this letter have some meaning I am not familiar with?  After all, I am not the only one who freely uses the letter t.  Why would this particular search result in my blog?  Should I be concerned?

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  1. What search engine are they coming from? You're not in the top ten in Google when I search for t. Even when I search for t on just sites. Or are you talking about the search box in the upper right corner of your blog?

  2. Totally terrific, of course. Which would make me a "B" for brown-noser.

  3. I am seeing it on my wordpress 'stats' page– I don't know which search engine wordpress uses…… I did one AOL search for t and it looks like it might be a technorati 'tag'– but I don't know what the tag signifies….

  4. Thanks, Jeana! (grin)

  5. If you don't have a plugin installed, I'll bet it's just stats for the search box in the corner (which just searches your blog). Not that that helps you much in figuring out why they are searching for t.

    PS I searched for Q a bunch of times, so if you get that as your top search, you'll know the stats are for that box. And I sent you a secret message in the search box as well (although I got tired of hitting the "Go" button, so it might not make it into your top searches.

  6. I get HTML to work, and then I add the wrong link…grrr. Here's the plugin link:

  7. LOL, life is funny, isn't it?

  8. I have no idea how you do it- I sometimes sit and think- how does that owlhaven Mary person do it all? I mean sometimes it gets me downright depressed…and then when I read this "t" post- I thought…how does she do this—and have time to know that people are searching for "t's" on her blog and then post a funny blogpost abut it?

    You are amazing…I still dont know how you painted bedrooms in the midst of everything…I wish I had that ability…truly.
    Thanks for making me laugh.

    BTW the berdroom post is long ago- but it sticks in my mind as an amazing thing…


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