19 Days down….

Today I ran all over town (driver’s ed, confirmation, library) — with time to kill during the activities!–and somehow managed to resist Walmart, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and various other establishments that tried to lure me with their siren call  neon signs.  Barely. Ice cream was calling me really loudly….

Due to my empty gas tank, I did succumb to Chevron (a mere $88–ack).  BUT– and this is significant–this is the FIRST time I have been to the gas station all month. In a normal month, I hit the gas station every 10 days.

I did some more applesauce today– (gracious, you people are kind to keep reading me when I cover the same yawn-provoking topics over and over again.) 

And, let’s see, for more yawns, I’ll talk about meals

Breakfast:  Pancakes, jam, juice. We’re out of syrup-almost out of napkins too for that matter– we’re using the last pink ‘Happy Birthday’ napkins from my daughter’s birthday– every meal now she asks me whose birthday it is.

Lunch- Ramen noodle soup with chicken and swiss chard. Watermelon, chocolate chip cookies.

Dinner– Biscuits and gravy, apples, (the last of the) watermelon, pickles.

For this evening’s fun we are watching more “Touched By An Angel” DVD’s borrowed from the library.   There are new library stories for bedtime for the little kids. 

Intrigued by a section on ‘the top 10 design mistakes’, at the library I also grabbed  The Corporate Blogging Book and another book– The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, a book about the stresses teenagers face. 

The library is a very good thing.  Even if we do have to pay $57 a year for living outside of city limits.

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  1. Mary! You call yourself a tightwad and you don't have cloth napkins? 🙂 There's an idea for your next project–make some cloth napkins.

  2. Oh, I have cloth napkins. They're sitting in a heap on top of my dryer waiting til I am 'desperate'!

  3. You go girl! I am enjoying your posts 🙂

  4. GASP! is gas really that expensive now? maybe I will stay in Mexico!

  5. That 'ouside city limits' fee always raises my blood pressure.
    There are a zillion people within the district who never set foot in there, but someone who wants to use the library pays dearly. It is worth it, for the variety. You can't rent movies at a store so cheaply.
    We always use soft cloth napkins. Also, a few old t-shirts cut up for that particular use.
    The only time we have paper napkins in the house is when somebody goes through the drive-thru window and a half dozen are stuffed into the bag.

    I bought some fresh apples at the farmer's market. Quite tasy. You're lucky to have your own trees–these were $1.88 a pound.

  6. I pay about $57.00 per year at the library too–but it is for late fees! 😉

    I'm trying to be better about it, really!

  7. Out of the city limit fees??? I have never heard of that and it is awful! Here I thought they were just always free. I don't think I will ever move out of town now.

  8. Ah, your apple sauce looks amazing (in the last post where you pictured it I don't think I commented). I

    We ran out of napkins last week and I really thought about using the pile of cloth ones we have in the closet but I broke down and bought more – oh the comforts.

  9. Wow – $88. I don't know what you drive but it must be bigger than my Durango. Usually costs about $55 to fill. And the library fee – so worth it. Best deal in town, even if most of my books run into the overdue area. I switch then and call it "renting." Still worth it. I brought home an armful on Earth Science yesterday, so excited I couldnt stand it.

  10. Okay, I've been lurking while you've been scrimping this month. I was just feeling guilty about how often I take the trash out – using those expensive draw-string trash bags, and you tell me you are using up your happy birthday napkins. You are inspiring, even in the small ways (I guess I can get another half-day out of that bag!). I have that corporate blogging book – it's got some good stuff, even for mommybloggers. The overachiever book describes the peers my children have to face each day, whose parents try to make me feel guilty for setting limits on activities. I need to read that and get my resolve beefed up again! Thanks again for posting about your life!

  11. We love our library. Who wants to spend the almost $5 it is around here to rent a DVD from a video store when you can find them at the library for a week, FOR FREE!

    Seriously though? $57 fee? We go to a library that while, closer to our own home is actually out of our county and didn't have to pay a cent. What a bummer. But, I'm certain it would be worth it.

  12. I am coming in late on all of these but I have to say how much I appreciate you posting “boring” menus. I’ve been taking notes on what you eat, especially for lunches and snacks. We’ve been a “convenience” food family until we started Dave Ramsey’s budget. Now we’ve got to change to stay on budget and these menus have really helped! Thanks!