Pottery – Day 18

(Updated, below)  Today was pottery day at our house. Mud pottery to be exact. After reading a section from a book about pottery making in Ethiopia, as well as this handy dandy Boy Scout guide: Scoutcraft – Campfire Pottery, we were ready to begin.

We have lots of clay soil on our property. I opted  to use a heap of dirt my husband had already dug up while setting posts for the ladder to the kids’ new treehouse. Above you can see the clay being sifted to remove big rocks, and them hand mixed with water by the kids.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger– please note the HE-UUUUUGE grins on my children’s faces. It is not often that mom TELLS them to play in the mud.

The 4 year old opted to make a plate instead of a pot.And the one year old, you can see, had mixed feelings at first about the guck all over her hands. (She got over that quick!)

 As you can see, the little  coil pots turned out quite adorable.   I don’t know if they will stick together or return to dust once dry.  But once we got past the (many) jokes about how the clay looked just like poop, it was a fun morning’s activity, anyway.

If you are interested in reading more about making clay pots, you might enjoy this site– Lori Ann’s Pots or this one–Clay For Kids

So– day 18.   No money spent on groceries, but I did buy a kids math book for $9. 

Breakfast: oatmeal and some very thick homemade apple juice/cider.  Note to self: strain juice before serving next time.

Lunch: leftover spaghetti, watermelon, apple cake.

Dinner:  Chicken cacciatore, cucumbers, grapes.


This evening we raided our travel trailer and found more cream and sugar.  Whew!  We don’t have to hit the grocery store just yet.

Also this evening hubby and the kids read the parable of the rich man(Luke 18: 18-27).  While discussing it, they also remembered a similar story.  It is called The Quiltmaker’s Gift

Both stories are great springboards for introducing children to the concept that there are things in life more valuable than possessions.

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  1. So much fun!!! I'm glad I found you again– life has been so crazy and bizarre. 🙂 You make me want to create!

  2. If you wanted to be mean, you could have made them make the clay pots, and THEN wash the clothes by hand. ;o)

  3. Cute, cute pictures! It looks like loads of fun and a great memory for them!

  4. So GREAT! I love kids and mud, and kids in mud is even better. (especially when they are someone else's kids 🙂 ) I am so glad you had fun doing it, and thanks for sharing the results, it warms this "old" art teacher's heart.

    Thanks for your kind message this morning, you are right … I just need to learn to rest in the knowing of it.


  5. Looks like you all had a great tiime!

    I love "The Quiltmaker's Gift"!

  6. oh this is a great project….I now know how we will spend our weekend!

  7. to make them last have a fire, when you have some hot ember, bury the pots in the fire, this is the way my tribe has made potery for thousands of years. if you don't fire (westerners use kilns) it will fall apart

  8. Oh what fun! Can I come live at your house?

  9. I just love whenever you post pictures of your family- it always makes me smile! You can see that there is so much love (and fun!) in your family. From your pictures, it seems like you have done a great job of integrating your adopted children into your family. I have long been interested in adoption and both my husband and I have discussed adoption as an option for our family. Seeing your family just makes me that much more interested and that much more convinced about the benefits of a "blended" family. Your kids will learn so much about acceptance because of how they have grown up. So to sum up, I'm a big fan!:)

  10. love love LOVE the quiltmaker's gift. I've read it to my kids' classes at school & read it to my 3 over & over…such a great lesson!