Isaiah 42:16;

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  1. This may sound crazy, unless you have read Laura Ingalls Wilder's book Farmer Boy–have you ever tried fried apples and onions? Simmer in plenty of butter, with a little cinnamon and brown sugar until tender. Yum!
    Maybe you and the kids could try dehydrating apple slices? Or how about apple leather. Mix a little vanilla, a little sugar, a little cinnamon with apple sauce. Spread thinly on a baking sheet and bake in a slow oven (about 200 degrees) until leathery. Or use a dehydrator. It's like the chewy fruit treats you can find in the grocery store at some ungodly price, but no preservatives, and since you have your own apples, very cheap.

  2. I have a triptic (sp?) photo of that same lighthouse in my living room. Great verse to go along with it.

  3. Beautiful! This verse was part of the morning service at my church. Coincidence? I think not. Thanks for bringing it before me once again today!

  4. Is that the Heceta Head lighthouse? Just curious.

  5. Yeah, Karen, it is Heceta Head. John took the pix last spring.


  6. Mary, I can't even begin to describe in a blog comment how deeply this verse has touched my heart. God is faithful. Always.

  7. We just visited family in OR this summer and I took this same picture. Funny, it looks like you were standing right where I was when I took our picture! I love that rocky coast. So beautiful!

  8. I was just there this weekend 🙂 beautiful!