Day 14

I’m finding myself becoming more aware of scarcity.  

For example, this evening while cooking dinner, I used a few less potatoes than I first intended to, because I also wanted a few potatoes left for home fries another day. I chose to supplement with extra zucchini, which, of course, I have in abundance.

 I used half the container of sour cream instead of the whole thing, and made a more generous amount of white sauce to make up for less sour cream. 

And I went a tad easy on the curry powder when I saw it was getting low.  None of these things will make much difference in this particular meal.  But it will make a difference in a few days when I still have enough of those ingredients to use at a different meal.

I am so used to thinking I can just buy more that half the time I don’t even think about making things last just that little bit longer.  Today what I saved was probably 50 cents worth.  but 50 cents a couple times a day…well, in a year that adds up to enough to supply a child in Ethiopia with antiretrovirals (AIDS medicine) for a year.

That makes me think differently about it.  How about you?


Shopping:  none


Breakfast-Pancakes, OJ

Lunch– Pizza, black bean salsa, chips, apples.

Dinner:  Chicken, potatoes, carrots and zucchini in a curry sour cream sauce served over ramen noodles. Grapes.

Books:  Nope


Oh, and here’s how we spent much of the day– processing 2 bushels of apples into 24 quarts of applesauce.  

The two apple trees are still 3/4 full.  Aren’t we blessed?  My kids didn’t think so as they scrubbed peeled and sliced their way through a gazillion apples. But we are.

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  1. MMMMMMMMM — you could make some apple cakes to feeze and put up!! And then you can invite me over…… 😉

  2. you could make some potato pancakes and put some apple sauce on them. maybe a little sour cream too, good stuff. decided to stop stop lurking to share that with you!

  3. Quite blessed!

    I didn’t do the 30 nothing days, but reading posts about it makes me wonder what in the world I spend our monthly budget on! My family would already be on rice and beans for every meal! ….and jello….I have a stock pile of it for some reason…=)


  4. Now I understand why you had apples with your rice for both breakfast and lunch yesterday. I would say you are blessed beyond measure and not just because the apple tree is overflowing.

  5. I’ve been following along as you do this, no extras for 30 days. We supported Compassion children for years, and I was always struck by how little it takes to care for them. A whole month’s support is less than one meal at Applebees. What a great lesson youre giving your children, not that you send support, but that you do with less then give to others. The applesauce should make great oatmeal and bread this winter.

  6. yes- this does make me think how wasteful we as a family can be…….while cooking dinner I noticed that the boys split a pork chop and nothing was wasted….normally I would have given each his own and then tossed what they didn’t finish……I will be thinking with purpose from now on…….you are right….a little over time sure does add up!

  7. Could you post your recipe for apple sauce? I want to try this! Thanks Angie

  8. Angie– Sure, it’s easy. Put enough water in a large pot to fill the pot about an inch deep. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice. Turn on low. Peel and chop apples til the pot is full, stirring every 5 minutes or so. Add a cup or more of sugar and a tablespoon or so of cinnamon. Simmer over low/medium heat. if you have plenty of time, simmer till the apples are mushy and saucelike. if you have lots of apples to process, cook just till apples are soft, and then puree in food processor or blender. Pack in hot clean jars and can via boiling water bath method for half an hour.

  9. Mary, we are going through the same realizations. I am truly ashamed at the waste I’ve been indulging in. I can hardly get my mind around it.

    ~ On an applesauce note:

    FOLEY’S FOOD MILL (about $20). I cut my apples in half, stem, peel, seeds and all, throw them in a pot with some water and run them through the food mill when they are soft. Easiest applesauce ever, and the kids can help.

  10. That applesauce looks WONDERFUL; I wish I could eat some right now!

  11. It’s amazing how this little ‘challenge’ is changing our lives, isn’t it? Something as simple as making things go a little further and not buying something that we never really needed – it all adds up.

    As for the applesauce – tell your kids I feel their pain. THAT used to be MY job! But the reward of fresh applesauce warmed up on a mid-winter’s morning always made it worth the time. Yummmmmm…