And we began to feel a powerful hunger

So today I declared a day of rice.

Rice for breakfast with brown sugar and butter.  And apples.

Rice for lunch stir-fried with vegetables. And apples.

Rice for dinner with spicy chicken veggie stirfry and kimchee. No apples.

There was muttering at breakfast, mostly good humored. 

There was scurrying and bolting of food at lunch–I was taking the youngest 4 to an appointment and was running late.

Along about 2:00, we began to feel a powerful hunger.  Rice, it seems, does not stick.

After our appointment I’d been planning to stop by Costco for a few essentials:  milk, coffee, and eggs.  But we were so incredibly starving that I began thinking about all the yummy food to be bought at Costco.   Muffins.  Pretzels.  Ice cream push-pops.  I was very much afraid I was going to buy something really frivolous.

Fortunately we were saved by the sample ladies.  Eight of them.  We had everything from chicken pockets to mini pizzas to grapefruit to cookies to juice.  For free.  It was lovely.

And never have I gotten out of Costco so cheaply:  less than $14, bringing my total for the month to $263.

 By evening I was already sick of rice.  And shamefaced that I was so intolerant of being the tiniest bit hungry.

Meanwhile all over the globe there are people just wishing they had rice at every meal.


A snippet:

In the midst of shopping I stopped and got talking to someone.  While I was occupied, my 4 year old took the opportunity to stand up in the cart.  Over and over and over. 

I’d tell her to sit and she’d sit, but then as soon as I turned back to my conversation, up she’d pop again.  Very naughty.

Finally, conversation concluded, I wheeled away with her decorously sitting, now that she knew I wasn’t distracted.   Pausing, I got in her face very sternly and said, “What did I tell you to do?”

“Sit,” she said, shamefaced.

“How many times did I tell you to sit?”

She hazarded a guess.  “Ummm…. twenty?”

“And how many times did you stand up?”

Pause.  “Twenty-one?”


Yup. That’s about what I’d have guessed too.


One FINAL thing:  for Opinion Saturday « , you all gave me some fun ideas.   The one I liked best that I hadn’t thought of myself was from Krina at QueenHeroical.  She suggested making clay pots, like people all over the world make to cook and collect water in.   I did a little reading online about it, and we are going to try this sometime in the next few days.  Thanks, Krina!  You get the Golden Keyboard this week!

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  1. Well, she definitely gets the concept that numbers can be greater than or less than another… ; )

    If you’ve seen the documentary “Surviving Hunger”, do you remember how the young men who walked all the way to (I think it was…) Lalibella for work raved about the RICE as something decidedly better than their usual diet. They were eating it for the first time, using their earnings from the day of work. Getting up from watching that docmentary, and then walking into your American kitchen feels almost surreal. There is absolutely no way to simultaneously comprehend and reconcile the two realities .

  2. Yeah, Marian, I remember that scene. Today I was also remembering another scene where the big British guy is amazed that this little Ethiopian lady can work ALL DAY on such a tiny bit of food. And here he is nearly fainting from hunger after working an hour, desppite all his extra fat stores…

  3. RIce…that reminds me of the time about five months ago where I went aobut a month eating rice, and a few veggies…and one week I could only eat rice, because i was allergic to everything else. I *felt* your pain!

  4. I lived in Taiwan for a while, and rice is truly everywhere. Every day, every meal, except breakfast. I actually really missed it when I got home.

  5. Less than $14 at Costco? Now that’s impressive!

  6. Tag, your it!

    Thanks for sharing this, I can’t even imagine having to fight hunger while being pregnant…how spoiled I am!

    Oh, and your 4yo – too precious!

  7. “Twenty-one” I am still laughing at your baby for that most sincere answer! 🙂 I haven’t mustered up the fortitude to do a day of rice yet…Unfortunately I don’t feel any more inspired after reading your blog! Perhaps less inspired! I don’t like to be hungry either. What a luxury it is to have a full belly. Our kids are naively most excited to go wash our laundry in the river, but it’s rained everyday this week. Maybe we’ll do the rice thing this weekend.

  8. If you’d like to turn the pot making into a science lesson try these two:

  9. grr…my HTML skills are lacking here’s the two:

    clay pot drip irrigation:

    and refrigerator out of two pots:

  10. I really just enjoyed reading thsi entire post! TWENTY ONE! HA!


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  11. I love the cart conversation! She may not obey but at least she’s honest!